‘ live! School Idol Festival “events” and scuffed on the big screen it!-paw Festival-‘ announcement of

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“Love live! School Idol Festival “(hereinafter the”scuffed”) to enjoy more
Experience event “and scuffed on the big screen it!-paw Festival-”
2/27 (Saturday), 28, two days of (Sunday), JR Akihabara Hara station floor event space at will be held.
Prior to this event, 2/23 (Tuesday) 26, (Friday) 4, while μ ‘ exhibit of life-size Panel’s members.
Play the “scuffed” live on the large touch screen! Everyone Pats Shan-Shan-♪ Let’s!

“And scuffed on the big screen it!-paw Festival-“, smart phone or Tablet and same on the 46-inch large screen you can play live “scuffed”.
What’s free to join! Please visit on this occasion!

♦ degree of difficulty
From EASY, NORMAL, HARD, EXPERT four types selectable

♦ playable songs (total 13 songs)
“Takalamonozz”, “HEART to HEART!”, “we are now in the” “it’s a miracle for us”, and we LIVE your LIFE, “Snow halation” “, 1, 2, Jump in the summer with us! “,” Is closing tightly in the Yes! “,”Wonderful Rush”,”S.T.A.R.T!! Music”, Angelic Angel,”SUNNY DAY SONG”,” we are one light ”
* Music on random selection.

Μ ‘ appear life-size panel of 9 members: s!

2/23 (Tuesday)-26 (Friday) 4 days, colorful ‘ appeared in life-size stand s 9 members!


Exhibition outline

Date and time: 2/23/2016 (Tuesday)-2/28 (Sunday) 10 pm-18
Location: akiha Hara station campus event space (electric town mouth gate in)
2/27 (Saturday), 28, only 2 days of (Sunday) “and scuffed on the big screen it!-paw Festival-”
The is scheduled to take place.
※ Due to congestion on our limited number.

  • Love live! And,

Deploy the tales come true in all media keywords school Idol project.
School idol group ‘ μ’s (Muse) “by other anime PV (DVD & BD) music CD release
Books such as novels and magazines, TV animation, games for smartphones, consumer games, trading card games, and in fact µ ‘ engaged involving various media such as play’s cast live events, radio, Nico Nico live.
1/2013-in March TV anime 1st, 4/2014-on June 2nd TV anime, broadcast each
Published by the 6/13/2015 completely new movie version “live! The School Idol Movie “the attendance number of 2 million over a box office income was hit 2800000000 yen.
3/31/2016 & 4/1 in Tokyo Dome μ ‘ s final oneman Live Meeting has decided.
(Live! official Web site:http://www.lovelive-anime.jp/)

♦ Title: love live! School Idol Festival
♦ platform: Bush Mo
♦ development:KLab co., Ltd.
♦ support OS:iOS6.0 since the Android2.3 since (some models)
♦ genre: rhythm action & adventure
♦ discount: pay-per-item

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