Japan’s largest! 3000 used with mobile geo mobile Akiba shopping 2/27 (Saturday) reopened.


Geomobileakiba store


GEO, 7/2014, games and stores we have geo Akiba store in Tokyo’s Akihabara as used cell phones centered on GEO. GEO Akiba store is rated cheap SIM demand to rise awareness of geo Akiba store from stepped up an assortment of smartphones used centered on iPhone and Android phones, sales have remained strong. We are more and more customers who think they want to consider a used mobile use rated flow optimization of mobile price in the Ministry of internal affairs in recent times, and to reduce the cost of mobile.
Think mobile services can meet the needs of our customers, and further bolster an assortment of cell used, there should be, once again, geo Akiba store was reopened as a comprehensive mobile shop geo mobile Akiba store will be.

GEO mobile Akiba store is popular SIM free handsets, from mobiles to smart phones, tablets, wearable devices, Wi-Fi routers used mobile phones and terminals at all times over 3000 units equipped with. As a shop selling mobile phone three times used of regular “geo mobile”, is Japan’s largest stock. Akiba store is the seven-storey building, and in the 1st floor consist mobile floor and 6th floor. 1st floor offers customer service SIM contract, purchase of mobile phones and devices and services and services is on the 2nd floor iPhone/iPad floor, 3rd floor, 4th floor android floor, 5th floor floor Tablet mobiles and used according to the needs of customers in each floor it is possible to choose the mobile. We intend to continue holding regular events such as standards for saving Smartphone and the event floor 6 floor sale items on sale are not familiar with the SIM or Smartphone and used mobile feels anxiety, simple, and safe, available.

GEO mobile Akiba store Sekiguchi Kumi Manager comments:
“Geomobayrakiba store feature is used an overwhelming inventory of mobile. In addition, staff for more Smartphone advisors and inbound mobile number enrolled. Restaurant, is ideal for families and women feel free to products to choose as enjoys the atmosphere of the shop is spacious and secure, you dispel the image of the shop used. 』

GEO mobile Akiba store is positioned as a flagship store operated by GEO mobile, used for activation of the mobile market, next-generation mobile shops offer.
There is also the idea to rebuild the new geo aims to streamline future positioning game as strengthening materials transferred stock to high, but when it comes to games, was in Akiba store maintains a strong game sales in stores, were in urban areas.

Outline of new
♦ store name: geomobayrakiba shop
♦ address: Tokyo, Chiyoda Soto Kanda 1 – 14 – 1 on the 1st floor-6th floor
♦ open day: 2/27/2016 (Saturday)
♦ hours: 10:00-22:00
♦ closed: open all year round
♦ phone: 03-3251-7004
♦ inventory number: used mobile and Smartphone at all times over approximately 3000 cars
♦ section acreage: about 38 m 2
♦ main services:
1. mobile phone / smart phone purchase and sale
2. cheap SIM card handling (OCN mobile ONE, UQ mobile, IIJ mio, so-net)
3. sales of Smartphone accessory (smahocase, protective film, charger, etc.)
4. smart phone service (we will accept any items purchased at other stores)
5. Smartphone counselors from variety of consultation

[Geomobayrakiba store renewal campaign]
♦ offer: used mobile sale all items 10% off
* One person can purchase up to 3 computers.
* Accessories are not eligible.

♦ period: 2/27/2016 (Saturday)-3/6 (Sunday)