Akihabara Tourism Ambassador : KAMENJOSHI AKIBA REPORT “Dospara Akihabara main store”


“Akihabara Tourism Ambassador Kamen Joshi AKIBA REPORT” is Akihabara Tourism Ambassador, Kamenjoshi members report Akihabara’s attractive shops, events and more!

We visited “Dospara Akihabara main store” today!





What is Dospara Akihabara main store


Kurokawa owner

Here in Dospara Akihabara main store,

there are services like consultation for new PC purchase,

replacement, repair etc.

We accept any request regarding PC.


Shihori Yukino

Because here is Akihabara,

I think there are some customers who have detailed knowledge!


Kurokawa owner

Yes, some customers have professional-level knowledge.

We often learn a lot from them.


Sora Kurumi

What questions do you get a lot?


Kurokawa owner

We get questions about Gaming PC a lot recently.


Seri Suzumura

It is difficult to pick which one is better for Gaming PC.


Kurokawa owner


There are number of customers come here,

so we try to explain as easy as possible even technical knowledge.


Do you have foreign customers as well?


Kurokawa owner

We have many foreign customers.


Seri Suzumura

How do you talk to foreign customers?


Kurokawa owner

English speaking staff prepared English manual for all Dopara stores.

We use that manual not only in Akihabara, but also other stores.


Shihori Yukino

Every store staff can speak English based on the manual!

Foreign customers feel comfortable when they shop here♪




Dospara Akihabara main store


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