2/26-Miniot iWood iPhone6 private case half price sale


Operated by co., Ltd. KODAWARI iPhone/iPad accessory specialty shop SHOWCASE custom shop, Miniot iWood 6 high-quality wooden iPhone cases from 2/26/2016 normally price at half the price limited time sale.

And the Miniot iWood

Is the iPhone case made from high-quality natural wood from the Netherlands. Ingredients 1 clove trees made by advanced technology by the designer editions.
It is also a feature of the case not just in case, like artistic sculptures and trees themselves tactile feel unique depending on the type of wood and wood products.


The product:Miniot iWood 6
iWood iPhone6S,iPhone6Plus iWood,Miniot Conter are excluded from sale.
Date: 2/26-2/28
SHOWCASE akiha Hara shop limited event.
We offer online SHOWCASE Online.
* Number subject comes out-of-stock products limited. Please be forewarned.


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