Akihabara’s “adult” rooftop private BBQ! 3/11 opens new store of authentic BBQ “REALBBQ PARK”



(Location: Suginami-Ku, Tokyo, President & CEO: Hisashi igawa, Yusuke), REALBBQ co., Ltd. 3/11/2016 (Friday) in downtown rooftop private BBQ area “REALBBQ PARK” new in Omotesando, Tokyo will open. As a result, 2/26 (Friday) more pre-orders will start.



[Adults easy to real BBQ! ~ 3 ~]
< Adults can enjoy!
Two hours and a half, pair in the private space of the Charter enjoy BBQ. The panoramic night view of downtown at night.

< Easy to enjoy an authentic BBQ!
Enjoy, REALBBQ all you prepare Grill, food, cooking utensils, chopsticks and dish, seasoning, etc. for the customers empty-handed.

“REALBBQ” your own original BBQ ingredients < >
We offer the original ingredients we have developed “REALBBQ ORIGINALS”. You can enjoy the taste of professionalism out of the bag, just burn the.

♦ menu
Jerk chicken
Chicken thigh confit
Confit of pork
Sirloin steak
Cured ham
Bagna Cauda vegetable

[Urban authentic BBQ-open mind.-]
Japan’s BBQ, just outside grilling vegetables and meat bought at the supermarket “outdoor BBQ” style is mainstream. Must go to the rural areas take a long time if you try to do an authentic BBQ, food preparation, provide heavy equipment away from the city center.
“REALBBQ” is authentic BBQ, anyone feel free to enjoy, with the hope that last year opened a downtown rooftop private BBQ area “REALBBQ PARK”, especially in Tokyo. Thereby, “in the metropolitan area feel free to BBQ” “on the way home from work BBQ” “empty-handed with only women’s BBQ”, unprecedented choices to offer to our customers.


[20 stores! ~ Upcoming events ~]
Considered to be open by 2015, sendagaya, Ginza, daikanyama, Otsuka, all from to the newly opened Omotesando, Tokyo. During the 2016 is scheduled to open 20 stores in Tokyo and Kanagawa. We aim to service more feel free to enjoy the BBQ that extraordinary experience.


[How to apply]
1 from the following URL, choose your PARK

2 date, time of day, choose

3 Please fill out your name, email address, etc.,


Outline of new
REALBBQ PARK in Akihabara
Location: 3-7-8 Soto-Kanda Chiyoda, Tokyo 101-0021, Japan
1 / 3 rd Residence Tokyo Serviced Apartments roof
Hours of operation: weekdays, 10:00-/ 13:00-/ 15:00-4000 Yen
Weekdays 19: 00-weekends and holidays ¥ 5000