The real topic tea stand “THE ALLEY” of the topic NEW OPEN the Akihabara store and the two stores of Yutenji store!


At the Akihabara store, a tea leaf salad using tea leaves also appeared!

The real item tea stand "THE ALLEY (The Array)" ( ) that develops globally mainly in Taiwan and Asia will be held at Akihabara store, Yutenji store in 1/9 (Wednesday) We will open two stores at the same time.

"THE ALLEY" is Japan's first landing in Sanagi Shinjuku in July 2017. In August the following month, we opened a flagship store in Omotesando, Shibuya store, Lumine Shinjuku store, Ebisu store, Jiyugaoka shop.
In 2018, which passed a year since its first landing, Naka Meguro store, Tokyo Sky Tree Town · Solamachi shop, Sangenjaya shop, Yurakucho shop, Shibuya 246 shop, Shimokitazawa shop are open and popular.

■ Concept

It's time for fora
Love in tea, beautiful life

"I feel amazed when I drink for the first time, I like it when I drink 2 times, I miss it 3 times drink"
I want to deliver various impressions to places of living so that it melts in daily life. This is the beginning of "THE ALLEY".
The feeling of our "THE ALLEY" is not just a drink stand, but the key to the door that leads to a truly wonderful life.
We believe that good drinks are not only taste but also things that can impress life.
I feel happy by filling my heart with drinking tea and tasting it.
The mysterious world that you could live in your heart, can not be expressed by words.
Let's draw your beautiful life through the drink of "THE ALLEY".


  • "Royal NO.9 tapioca milk tea" M size ¥ 500 (tax not included) / L size ¥ 600 (tax excluded)

Assam base tea characterized by a special blend of tea tea, characterized by fruity aroma.
Please enjoy delicious tea, which you can not taste elsewhere.

  • "Brown sugar tapioca series" M size only ¥ 650 (tax excluded)

In Okinawa black molasses, finally boiled and finished, use THE ALLLEY original brown sugar tapioca.
Two kinds of "latte" finished in mild with milk and "Matcha Latte" excellent compatibility with soft bitterness are prepared.

  • "Bonsai tapioca milk tea" M size ¥ 600 (tax excluded) / L size ¥ 700 (tax excluded)

I want you to look, drink, taste, heal. With such wishes, the birth of THE ALLEY's "Bonsai".
We treated Cocoa chips and mint in Assam tapioca milk tea.
Please enjoy the beauty of Japan.

We also offer tea and drinks incorporating the seasons, nature, fruits, such as "Loose in Love with Lemon Milk", "Aurora Series" and "Jade Lemon Green Tea".


● ● ● New menu <Akihabara store · Shimokitazawa store · Sannomiya store only> ● ○ ●
Tea leaf salad ¥ 720 (excluding tax) ~
The ALLEY tea is not only drinking.
We will deliver luxury salad using tea leaves.

● ○ ● Grilled pao ¥ 420 (tax not included) ~ ● ● ●
Fluffy Pao, Konpari press! THE ALLEY's "Grilled Pao" The grilled pao of THE ALLEY is filled with plenty of fish, meat, and vegetables in a grilled baked grill in the shop, packed plenty of fish, meat and vegetables, and it's exciting looking and exciting food menu with a fresh meal.

In the morning of the day when I want energy, a little snack a little snack at the evening, spending a while talking with the person who is important ,, Tapioca drinks with one hand, with your favorite scenes.

● ○ ● sweets ● ○ ●
I am glad to see you, I am surprised to eat it! I enjoy it with various tastes.
Two kinds of the muffins of THEALLEY are prepared "crispy" and "rice cake". Which do you prefer?

"Baked bar muffin" is crisp texture! !

■ Baked Bar Muffin
3 kinds of chocolate, Kinako · White · Berry
Each ¥ 320 (tax excluded)
THE ALLEY Popularity No. 1 "Royal NO. 9" Tea leaves to bar muffins!
When one's mouth cheeks, the fragrance of ornate fruit and light texture are ◎
There are three types of chocolate: decorations, kinako, white, berry.
A brief relief in one hand of the bar muffin, is not it attached?

"Steamed de muffin" is rich in natural fabrics & natural cream finish with cream.

■ steamed muffin
Vegan chocolate ¥ 300 (excluding tax)
Soap pumpkin ¥ 300 (excluding tax)
Ichigo crunch ¥ 320 (tax excluded)

"All natural colors & ingredients"
All made from natural color, natural materials.
Depending on the vegetables and fruits that can be taken, the steamed muffin changes color subtly.
I put plenty of affection and will deliver other places.

Shop name: THE ALLEY Akihabara store
Open date: January 9, 2018
Opening hours: 10: 00-23: 00
Address: 4-6-10 Gaikokuda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0021
Shop name: THE ALLEY Yutenji store
Open date: January 9, 2018
Opening hours: 10: 00-23: 00
Address: 2-9-2 Yutenji, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, 153-0052
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"THE ALLEY" Taiwan Official Site
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