Employment / career change event “Working discovery fair” held on January 26 A booth that can diagnose your strengths and discover jobs that are easy to get active! Establishment of “employment troubles consultation section” to receive psychiatric-based personality diagnosis


DIP Co., Ltd., which manages the general recruitment information website, will hold a job search and change job event "Working Discovery Fair" sponsored by regular employee / contract employee job information site "Vitor NEXT" ( https://www.baitoru.com/shain/ ) It will be held on Akiba Square (JR Akihabara Station 2 min. On foot) on Saturday, January 26, 2019.

This time, in addition to the corporate booth, the establishment of "employment trouble consultation corner" was newly decided at the "work finding fair" to be held on Saturday, January 26, 2019. "Employment troubles consultation corner" to deepen self-understanding with the diagnostic tool "psychiatric-based personality diagnosis" "ACTUS by PSA" that finds their strengths from eight types, to know the points of work and companies that are easy to take active It is a booth that supports "work" discovery.

A hint of finding a suitable job with a diagnostic tool that finds his "strengths" from 8 types
In "Employment trouble consultation corner", two employment consultants are stationed, and "ACTUS by PSA" which is "psychiatric-based personality diagnosis" on smartphone is done free of charge. You can diagnose by answering questions of 128 questions and take the results back. In addition, along with the results of my own diagnosis, we will also provide seats that summarize the points of businesses and companies that are more likely to be active depending on the "emotional pattern type" of "ACTUS by PSA".

"ACTUS by PSA" is a "psychiatric-based personality diagnosis" developed by Human Capital Consulting Co., Ltd. in compliance with DSM of US mental illness diagnostic statistical manual. Besides deepening self-understanding by clearly dividing and "visualizing" the two, "emotional pattern type" of the personality that was born and the "state of muscle power of the present mind" to use it desirably, It is a diagnostic tool to use as a compass for proceeding to a desirable future.
"Emotion pattern type" is a part that is born and owns difficult to change, "the state of muscle power of the present mind" represents the part which can be changed by his own experience and learning, and he is good at "emotion pattern type" · You can learn how to arrange the state of mind by "How to use muscle strength of the mind now" how to utilize disadvantage and taste.

According to the "Survey of Interest in Job Fair" conducted by our company for men and women in their 20s to 30s, concerning employment of people without employment experience, "I was worried about the work I could do with my own abilities (42.8% ) "There is a result that the human relationship at work is uneasy (25.2%)". Through the "work finding fair", DIP knows the strengths of job seekers more, finds jobs that are more likely to be active, and supports the next stage. In addition, "Vitru NEXT" will continue to improve the convenience of the job seekers seeking work, improve services, enhance functions, and aim to provide more attractive services.

Discover virtual work tour with "VR", "I want to try"
At "Working Discovery Fair", we have set up a booth where you can see workplaces with VR * 1, and we also have a space that allows you to have a company or job image.
Under the cooperation of Jolly Good, the VR installed on the day can experience various industries including the hall kitchen service of restaurants and delivery drivers such as home delivery and the ground handling business * 2 that manipulates aircraft.
Also, not only employees in the personnel department but also senior employees in the workplace are on stand-by at each exhibitor's booth so job seekers can listen to the details of the specific work and the company's appeal as seen by employees I will.

URL: https://www.baitoru.com/pdt/nextshigotofair/
* 1 VR (Virtual Reality): By using VR goggles, etc., you can see 360 degrees as if you are on the spot, technology that allows you to experience virtual reality as real as ever
※ 2 Ground handling: After landing of the aircraft, guidance to the parking lot, checking the aircraft, carrying in the air cargo etc

  • 【Working Discovery Fair】 Summary
    Date and time of opening: Saturday, January 26, 2019 12: 00-17: 00
    Venue: Akiba Square
    (UDX 2F in Akihabara 4-14-1, Kotobuki, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)
    Number of exhibitors: 30 companies (planned)
    Participation Fee: Free
    Participation application method: If you wish to visit, please apply from the application form in the planning page. We are waiting for your visit.

<Outline of Jolly Good Co., Ltd.>
Jolly Good Co., Ltd. ( https://jollygood.co.jp/ ) is a technology company that develops highly accurate "professional VR solution" and AI engine which analyzes user behavior in VR space. We design advanced technology not only for geeks and maniacs but as "technology platforms that can be used by regional consumers and enterprises", and it is offered to many companies and local governments.

<Outline of Human Capital Consulting Co., Ltd.>
Human Capital Consulting Co., Ltd. ( http://www.hc2.co.jp/index.asp ) positions human resources as one of the capital that supports corporate activities, and how human capital creates added value, We are focusing on improving productivity and linking with outcomes, contributing to client output. From consultation to assessment, training, and from human capital management to mental health, we prepare various menus and combine IT and conventional methods to provide more effective and efficient solution It is.

<Outline of DIP Co., Ltd.>
Through DIP Corporation ( https://www.dip-net.co.jp ), through part-time job recruitment information site "Vitru", general recruitment information website "Hatarako Net" and nurse staff recruiting service "Nurse in Hatarako" We aim to become a presence to improve society by offering highly convenient services for both job seekers and recruiters. May 2004 Listed on the TSE Mothers, December 2013 Listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. The fiscal year ending February 2018 sales 38 billion yen.

<What is Vitor NEXT?>
It is a job information site aiming to work as a regular employer. We will support "going forward" by making use of the experience gained by part-time job seekers. Changed name from "Vitru Employee" to "Vitru NEXT" ( https://www.baitoru.com/shain/ ) on May 9, 2016 (Monday). It aims to increase awareness by changing the name of the site, to make it more convenient and convenient for both job seekers and companies.

Company name: DIP Corporation
Representative: Representative Director, President and CEO Hideki Tomita
Head Office: Roppongi Ground Tower 31F, 3-2-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Phone: 03-5114-1177 (representative)
Establishment: March 1997
Capital: 1,085 million yen (as of the end of February 2018)
Number of employees: 1,735 (regular employees as of April 1, 2018) * Dispatch, part-time, excluding executives Business description: administration of recruitment information site, nursing career change support service, others