Most exhibiting companies the past! Eating x restaurant industry professional “rolling-joint recruiting seminar” held in Akihabara 3/28


Jay co., Ltd. Office specializing in the food and beverage industry helping to recruit Tokyo (Head Office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President & CEO: Okazaki thousand high, following Jay Office in Tokyo), no. 14 times eating past the most number of 56 companies exhibiting, x restaurant industry professional “rolling-joint recruiting seminar for”, 1/2016 will be held at Akihabara UDX.

Times 14 food and beverage / restaurant industry professional “rolling-joint recruiting seminar for”

[Background of events]
Consecutive high level in 24 years Buri, in the food and beverage industry than ever ago more difficult recruiting and job recruitment notification of job sites, job listings, even compared to six years ago, has become the application effect of about 1-5 minutes is the status quo.

However, to directly meet joint briefing participants each year continues to increase.
In reasons, filled with information, such as websites and apps, meet friends and can talk to real places where job seekers and employers is being sought from both sides.
Many have changed the image of the industry until it had, in fact, from job seekers directly to hear that voice.

Held by the company “roll-joint recruiting seminar for”, is popular so buried participating companies recruiting start after waiting for two weeks. Reached to achieve maximum 56 exhibitors at last serve as a valuable opportunity to hear the real voice for both the visitors and businesses over the last also marks the 14th time the hold.

[Event overview]
Name: eat and drink / restaurant industry professional “rolling-joint recruiting seminar for”
Date: 1/2016-12:00-19:00
* Registation starts at 11:00, last admission 18:30
Venue: 4-14-1 sotokanda Chiyoda, Tokyo 101-0021, Japan
Akiha Hara UDX2F Akiba square indoor space
Number of exhibitors: 56
Visitors: food & beverage industry jobs, catering beginners, part-time workers present,
How to active in the graduates, such as the food and restaurant industry
Admission fee: free
Note: no clothes free, on leaving, curriculum vitae