Japan’s first “eye strain improvement Professional salon” was born in Akihabara


Japan’s first “eye strain improvement Professional salon” was born in Akihabara *

And “improves the sight.”power up”many voices of wonder and excitement. Money back guarantee we have confidence.


From the 4/8/2016 11:00, Tokyo, “Salon specializing in eye strain for closed eyes in 2-minute walk from suehirocho station and Akihabara area (Kyushu Cancer /kyugan) will be opened.

Also held to celebrate the opening campaign.


Eyes closed, the custom shop is in a tranquil setting in the Akihabara area outside Kanda 3-Chome, will open conveniently located 2 minutes ‘ walk from suehirocho station on the Tokyo Metro. It is a relaxation space with a light green and natural. You can get to by appointment only for peaceful. We provide eye treatment services, eye care and introduced the latest equipment as well as quality time relaxing relax and fall asleep, tired eyes, eyes around the muscle relaxants.


◆ opening campaign [————-

Period: 3/26/2016-up to reach a limited number of

-Eye strain improvement and monitor campaigns

Celebrate the opening for help with eye strain, eye care if you want 99 names of special tickets will be issued.

• Five regular courses (one hour) ticket.

35000 yen (plus tax) → Memorial price 25000 yen (+ tax) (off 10000 JPY)


Salon overview

Name: closed eyes (kyuugann)

Address: 3-6-5 sotokanda Chiyoda, Tokyo 101-0021, Japan outside of God having the valley town 104

Business start date: (Fri.) 4/8/2016 11:00-

Reservations accepted: 2016 March 26 (SAT) 10:00 ~

Pre-open period: 2016 March 26 (SAT) 10:00 ~

HP: http://kyugan.com

Tel: 03-6206-9995

Operation: company Imagination Creative


* Salon is appointment only

* For details of services, we notice from time to time closed eyes official website.


2-minute walk from Tokyo Metro Ginza line suehirocho station exit 3,

From the Tokyo Metro Chiyoda line and water Island Station No.6 exit 4 minutes on foot

Central and total line from Akihabara Electric town exit of Jr Akihabara Station 9 min. walk


[Open issue]

Office workers suffer from eyestrain acquaintances and got amazing I know this service exists in the meet were suffering from stiff neck from eye strain, and based on experience so far, surpass the imagination. It is “something like this is…” that is nothing but surprise was not. What can be useful in increasing environmental abuse know from own experience, was suffering from eye strain and eye to eye strain people… and I, we decided to launch this salon.


[Akihabara location information]

Electric City… the atmosphere is becoming thin realized that many in Akihabara, though filled with digital devices, such as PC, Smartphone, game not to eye strain, including friends. Also outside the Kanda 3-Chome that region is tea-and decided let’s try this place, considered close to water and yushima, Kanda shrine is close to the variety is prone to their location as well.



Because impression as an animal in the eye, good eye animals mostly birds of prey is different and relaxed atmosphere, a little laid back atmosphere, we have adopted the Chameleon as animal green healing. Vision one illustration… Mr. XI 0 Illustrator submitted to production.