4 / 3 TV anime nurse witch komugi wheat Chan R Blu-ray & DVD launch event

Guest: magical you! oh-I (BAMA Kyu, Yamazaki inaoka, binhe Makoto)
◆ content: talk & raffle & benefits by Association
◆ capacity: 100 people
◆ admission: arranged in numerical order announced on the day of admission * raffle award by society of the contents.
Even if your reservation is passing the “ticket event” first opened on 3/22. (Product delivery time)

[Notes] [Admission and event notes] For ticket purchases notes, please click here .

«Stop ticket sales if you found the above Act. ≫

★ event details are subject to change without notice. Please be forewarned.
★ details of events, entry ticket distribution for store contact



Event venue ◆ Venue: Akiba SOF map 7F, no. 1
◆ Location: 7F, Akiba SOF map No. 1
Event date ◆ date: 4/3 (Sunday): 14:15 start: 14:30
Conditions of participation ◆ How to participate:
* To passengers who have purchased a one to one in the first one “event ticket’ will be delivered to.
* “Event ticket” reference number or the order will be random distribution note that please.
* Multiple copies purchased are also the “ticket event” per person will be only one distribution.
◆ admission requirements:
Event ticket holders.
Schoolchild ticket more than is necessary.
Will be required and are accompanied by children, parents need tickets.
◆ Eligible:
-3/23 (Wednesday) sale “nurse witch komugi wheat Chan R VOL.1/Blu-ray Edition’
[Price of 6800 Yen + tax: video software VPXY-71434 4988021714341
-3/23 (Wednesday) sale “nurse witch komugi wheat Chan R VOL.1/DVD Edition’
[Price: 5800 Yen + tax] video software VPBY-14488 4988021144889
◆ participating ticket distribution, [reservation start date or release date]:
3/22 (Tuesday)
◆ Target participation ticket distribution outlets:
3F, no. 1 akibasov map
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