Kubota MISA “MIX juice! “[Part 1] DVD launch event

◆ content: talk & handshake society
Handshake society / person would be as long as one.

• Swimsuit shot time:
-Camera: available
-Digital camera: available
-Mobile phone camera: not allowed
* Recording is strictly prohibited.
* Monopod / Tripod use is strictly prohibited.

• Promotion:
-Autograph DVD jacket (purchased number of minutes)
And to all the visitors “perforated basannda Le ‘ gift! * Choose size. Color specification is not allowed.
Swimsuit shoot time
◆ 2-purchase benefits:
• Swim wear 2 shot choke
◆ 3-purchase benefits:
-Buy two awards +2 wear eye swimsuit shoot time + 2 clothes swimsuit 2 shot choke + personal sign 1 point (sign and date and address)
* Multiple site Awards:
-Clothes 2 shot choke

◆ Note:
* Time to take non-photography is strictly prohibited.
* Please note that we will be guided according to the instructions of the staff.
Please note to lose because it does not make any ticket reissued.
* Entry ticket per person limit of one ticket. Please order from the end again if you would like multiple copies.
* Commercial resale is strictly prohibited.

★ event details are subject to change without notice. Please be forewarned.
★ details of events, entry ticket distribution for store contact


Event venue ◆ Venue: amusement Hall 8th floor event space
• Location: 20 minutes ago amusement Hall 8th floor stair door before
Event date ◆ date: 4/17 (Sunday) open: 15:40 start: 16:00
Conditions of participation ◆ How to participate:
One item purchased at target stores
• Eligible:
-3/24 (Thursday) sale Kubota MISA /MIX juice! ENCO-051 (4571369485891)
* Eligible products are 10% off.
♦ Join ticket distribution date [reservation start date or release date]:
3/24 (Thursday)
• Target participation ticket distribution outlets:
And amusement Hall 7F:001-200
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