3/28-read the story here can’t read! GC novels & beginning novels × SHOSEN fair!


Read the story here can’t read! 3/28 (Monday)-GC novels & beginning novels × SHOSEN fair!

Lots of lineup of newly written SS paper distribution and sale sign this!3/28 than (Monday) will hold a micro Magazine Web novel fair in the book fountain “!
In the fair during the GC novels, beginning novels once corner in the will.
SS paper purchased item to the popular work of each label enjoying wider distribution, and the fans do not collect autograph books for sale!

GC novels is “me, Babe? “In familiar girl reincarnation adventure fantasy beginning novels defies world distrust of others identify themselves as disciples of the wise men, wise men, an adult started towards King’s other stories that are published in each.

Will try find a new favorite of Web stories featured in the wake it??

< Fair information:
Fair name: See GC novels & beginning novels × SHOSEN fair.
Date and time: 1/2016-5/8 (Sunday)
Venue: manual spring book Tower 8F (Akihabara)Fair description:
GC novels, beginning novels purchase to the shipping label for each SS paper and
To sign books for sale.

«SS paper distribution works»
Types you can choose paper GC novels * GC novels.
“Sages” sorcerer’s Apprentice”(succeeded by: international peace / painting: rattan chocolate)
“Surviving the cruel illusion in item teat” (winds over mountains and picture: hurray! )
“To be so different world transition with a magic swordsman utilizing cheat” (progress Islands / painting:.)
“Tanaka-age equals not her history of witch-” (author: maybe it’s effortlessly / painting (m) S might have been)

Beginning novels
“How to start a devil” (author: Yakan laugh / painting: Shindo Arata)
* GC novels, beginning novels per book with purchase of a one piece,
SS paper of each label will be distributed.

«Signature books»
GC novels
If you reincarnated slime was from volume 1 (author: fuse KH / painting: three bar)
People make magic book volume 1 (author: war or / picture:mizuki)

Beginning novels
“Devil how to start volume 1 (author: Yakan laugh / painting: Shindo Arata)
“Princess Knight’s classmates! “Volume 1 (written by:EKZ / painting: Yoshizawa glasses)

* Autograph books for sale is 芳林 Bookstore high not available at takadanobaba branch and comic Plaza.
Purchase fountain at each store.

Collaboration with: micro magazine

Fair for more: “Books spring” home page: https://www.shosen.co.jp/fair/31059/

Purchase fountain book Tower (Akihabara)
TEL: 03-5296-0051 hours 10:00-21:00

* May be delayed / cancelled / changed due to various reasons for the contents of the fair. Please note that.