Soft and sticky, the texture is addictive. Full-fledged tea stand “THE ALLEY” is selling dessert menu “MUFFIN LULU (muffin Lulu)” from August 1 (Thu)!


A special muffin made from “THE ALLEY”!

The full-fledged tea stand “THE ALLEY” ( ), which will be developed globally in Taiwan and Asia, is a dessert from August 1, 2019 (Thu). We will start selling the menu "MUFFIN LULU".

The special muffin "MUFFIN LULU" of THE ALLEY.
Soft and dusty, a bit full and happy. It is a soimafin made of natural sweetness that utilizes the taste of the ingredients and a steamy, gentle texture. There are 2 types of "Black Sesame Shrimp muffin lulu" and "Pumpkin berry muffin lulu". Developed to be tasted with THE ALLEY's drink.

You can enjoy it with ease in the style of muffin Lulu in one hand with THE ALNEY drink in one hand. After-meal desserts, of course, snacks and snacks please!

  • Black sesame scallop muffins Lulu 320 yen (excluding tax)

The sweetness of the black sesame flavor and the sweetness of the sweet potato which I put in the roll match exquisitely. Soft and fragrant Yuzu peel is a refreshing accent.

  • Pumpkin Berry muffins-Lulu 320 yen (excluding tax)

Sprinkle the pulp and pumpkin seed on the soya milk dough into which the pumpkin has been kneaded to make the pumpkin taste luxurious. The sweet and sour dry cranberry is added, and the appearance and taste are finished gorgeously.
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15 stores: Nakameguro, Sangenjaya, Shimokitazawa, Sannomiya, Shutenji, Akihabara, Daikanyama, Aoyama, Tenjin, Kinshicho Termina 2, Shijo, Nagoya Takashi Maya Gate Tower Mall, LUMINE Machida , LUMINE Omiya store, Kobe harbor land umie store (8/2 OPEN)
■ Concept
It's time for Tea
Beautiful life to fall in love with tea

"I feel astonished when I drink for the first time, I like it when I drink it twice, and I miss it when I drink it three times"
I want to deliver various impressions to places of life so as to blend in with everyday life. This is the beginning of “THE ALLEY”.
The thought of us "THE ALLEY" is not just a drink stand, but a key to a door that leads to a truly wonderful life.
We believe that a good drink is not only a taste but also an inspiration for life.
Drink tea to fill your heart, and taste to feel happy.
A mysterious world that can not be expressed in words, hidden in your heart.
Let's draw your beautiful life through the drink of "THE ALLEY".