We offer farewell free bonus services now fashionable “meat bar” topic in the lead will be pleased!


Farewell meeting and the experience of a lifetime! Not fashionable “meat”in hold a memorable farewell party? Whole-heartedly to store staff happy to help you with your farewell.


  Farewell free rewards service outline
Description: thank you for dessert! & Bouquet & colored paper giveaway!
Period: 3/1/2016 (Tuesday)-3/31 (Thursday)
Terms of use: Farewell course 4 persons or more guests
* Per person for special benefits will be. Reservations up to 2 days ago
Farewell courses * store each is different. Please check the Web site for more information.

“Meat bars’ popularity, meat dishes and drinks to smartly enjoy soups. In the casual atmosphere of the restaurant, please feel free to from one cup firmly until the meal to various scenes are available.

Recommend our “Cafe flesh” is after all the “meat”. Enjoy several types of meat and how to cook meat combo and “steak” satisfaction guaranteed! It is a hearty dish. Equipped with well-stocked wine selected from the marriage and other stores that feature homemade tapas and dishes, craft beers and classic cocktails.

* Each of the shops offering menu is different. Please check the Web site for more information.

Cherished friends and their colleagues, supervisor, senior’s farewell party, let our “meat Bal”. Happy to help guests farewell heart hospitality. Visit our staff, look forward to.

* May day readiness will change service contents part. Ask confirmation of benefits during your visit.
Target stores “Cafe flesh”
Retreat-like setting is recommended to dating and women’s Association!
♦ Autumn leaves raw meat Bal 201
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TEL 03-6206-9455