Determine the unit No.1 “MOE kawaii’! No.1 maid “Mei takes-all” hosted by Dance Festival to be held! Also the general public entry frame


Mei Odori-everyone from serious news—-Su announced!
No.1 “MOE kawaii’ unit to decide!
Held it’s very MOEMOE Dance Festival!

★ MOE kawaii DANCE FESTIVAL ★ ☆ and is…
Mei Odori-determine unit No.1 operates, and is sponsored by everyone “MOE kawaii’ dance event.
The judging criteria as well as, well, dance, or just how much ‘cute MoE’ maximum points.
Performance in your pages daily acquired weapons, made their hot Festival begins.
It’s sparkling play in the first Grand Prix!

And, should review the dance of such participant’s husband and young ladies!
Mei harvest–can vote for your favorite units used the official app guys.
5/9 start voting app!
No.1 unit is determined by a vote of the master and mistress!
Please wait a little longer until the votes start.!

< MOEkawaii DANCE FESTIVAL outline! >

♦ general public entry admission
MOEkawaii DANCE Festival, her chicken-accepted by the entry but is not affiliated to the guys. As maids, idols, and dance for the entry if you wish and download below entry sheet Mei takes-please FAX all dance festival Booking Office (03-6272-3265).

↓ Download entry sheet click here ↓

↓ send entry sheet click here ↓

< Entry for >
* Until the 28-year-old woman
* Can be entered, in units of 2 or 3 people who
* Who was going through a screening examination will be Guide to primary examination issues.

♦ screening
< Examination period:
5/9 (Monday)-6/15 (Wednesday)

< Results announced >
6/21 (Tuesday)

[Examination content]
◆ niece takes-casting everyone entry units,
(1) YouTube views
(2) Mei takes-everyone in the unit live orders
(3) number of votes Member app
(4) a central review
Screening is contested in a total score of 4 points above the top five will advance to the finals.

◆ If the general public entry unit
(1) YouTube views
(2) number of votes Member app
Screening is contested in a total score of 2 points above do!
Also general public entry to the finals so stay tuned!
* TouTube views will count and TOTAL views from being posted.

♦ finals
[Holding holiday]
7/10 (Sunday) 17:00-23:00

Her movie-Heaven’s Gate Shop guys

< Award-winning titles:
Grand Prix and Grand Prix Special Prize announcement!

[Contact us]
Mei Odori dance, everyone Dance Festival Office

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