e Aiming to revitalize the sports market, an all-night event is held in March! Game media “SHIBUYA GAME”, “Inside”, “Game * Spark” cooperate to support the game community


SHIBUYA GAME (Shibuya Game), a web media specialized in e-sports, operated by Bit Cash Co., Ltd., the publisher of electronic money "Bit Cash", is a comprehensive game information site "INIDE" operated by EID Corporation and Co-organized with the game information media "Game * Spark (Game Spark)" to hold a community-led all night event "Gamers Community Festival – meeting 01 -" from Saturday, March 2nd to Sunday March 3rd Decided. We will contribute to support of game community activities, foster e sports culture and further development of e sports market.

Esports boasts worldwide popularity, and attention is rising rapidly even in Japan.
In recent years, in the domestic e-sports scene, the word "e sports first year" runs around, not only the birth of professional game players and professional teams active overseas, but also actively hosting large-scale competitions and companies outside the related industry It is expected to be a new industry, such as the entry of market-oriented markets. Based on this background, in order to develop the e-sports scene in the future, not only the company viewpoint but also the user side should be pointed out, activation of communication between players and the development of each community are indispensable I came to holding this community-led event.
In this event, in cooperation with community operators, we will appoint the attracting and event management to each community that is familiar with the game title, and the organizer will offer opportunities to appeal to core gamers to companies that are interested in the e-sports industry , We will support the construction of the event execution environment.

■ Event Special Site
URL: https://shibuya-game.com/archives/36441

■ Event overview
Event name: Gamers Community Festival – Rally 01 –
Date and time of opening: Saturday, March 2 24: 00 ~ March 3 (Sunday) 5: 00
Location: Sound Studio Noah Akihabara store
Admission: Advance ticket 2,000 yen Ticket for the day 2,500 yen
Play guide: Peatix https://shukai01.peatix.com/
* Minors can not participate due to the time of the event.
Co-sponsored: Inside (Eid Co., Ltd.)
Game * Spark Editorial Department (Eid Corporation)
SHIBUYA GAME Editorial Department (Bit Cash Co., Ltd.)
Cooperation community: · Cosmic Knight Japan
( http://cosmicknightjp.strikingly.com/ )
· Sky Rocket
( http://skyrocket-gaming.com/ )
· BeerBrick
( https://beerbrick.com/ )
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What is bit cache?
Since its launch in 1997, Bit Cash Co., Ltd. has developed a prepaid electronic money "bit cache" in the Internet payment market for about 20 years and provides a settlement solution connecting merchants and customers. Based on know-how and assets that we have cultivated so far, we are working on promoting new businesses in the e-sports field since 2016.

■ Bit Cash Co., Ltd. Overview
Company name: Bit Cash Co., Ltd.
Head office location: Shibuya South Shibuya Building 4F Shibuya 3 – chome 12 – 18 Shibuya – ku, 150 – 0002 Tokyo
Representative: President and Representative Director Masayuki Ise
URL: http://bitcash.co.jp/