“New eco-system makers, not stop manufacturing. ‘ Publication held to commemorate the event!

< Book > “New eco-system makers, not stop manufacturing. 」

(Head Office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director and President: iseri) co., Ltd.-impress R & D involved e-publishing business with the “new eco-system makers, not stop manufacturing. “Inform now has issued 5/3 (Wednesday) 14: 3331 Arts Chiyoda, publishing Memorial event will be held.

< < Event overview “”
“New eco-system makers, not stop manufacturing. “Book launch talk events was published in the 2/2016” new eco-system makers, not stop manufacturing. “(TAKASU Masakazu, Nico Arts deep Shenzhen observation) of author and co-author of other” Nico skill depth Shenzhen Association “of members over the configuration part 5 as commemorative publications, talks about innovation events are held.

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Makers, ecosystem publishing Memorial event

3331 Arts Chiyoda field.

TAKASU Masakazu, iyokan, downhole Ikuo Tanaka chapter love, MIRO, Aoki, Shunsuke, Masakazu Otsuka, Hiro Yamagata, Koichiro ETO, hachiya Kazuhiko, tomad and when Orientals I, DJ kinako mochi ice cream

(Date and location)
5/3/2016 (Wed. / holiday) 14:00 ~ 21:00 3331 Arts Chiyoda
6-11 – 14 sotokanda Chiyoda, Tokyo 101-0021, Japan
Access map http://www.3331.jp/access/

[Sign up how]
Is selling tickets online. Please apply from the site below.
Paper books with price: 4,500 yen (“eco-system makers,” with a book version)
Book holder price: 2500 yen (during event reception presentation of electronic books is required)

< Program >
First limit: 14-15: “Nico Arts deep Shenzhen peppering observations of Eri”


Cast: TAKASU Masakazu, iyokan
Reflect deep Shenzhen tour last year, will show you the sights Seeed / plant group /Makeblock/JENESIS/HAX / Japan Castle / electric city / hacker space and defend oil painting village, Shenzhen.

Second period: 15-16: companies in the maker space


Cast: Ricoh lighting room: downhole Ikuo, and Mono-lab /Creative Lounge: Tanaka chapter love
Ricoh’s room, on the relation between Mono-Lab products in the community involved in the DIY hardware development in the Shinagawa neighborhood and business space maker Shenzhen mainly not SAC くろたいち as the Mr.Tanaka!. talking fishing.

Third period: 4 pm-5 pm


Part1 “or why we paid the money on this? Crowdfunding debacle session.
Cast: TAKASU Masakazu MIRO
Two people full of chivalry crowdfunding rammed more than 300000 Yen tells graphic stories of their failure.

Part2 “production in China is really a good idea? 」

Starring: Shunsuke yukai engineering Aoki, Masakazu Otsuka
“Manufacturing is not a Shenzhen isn’t better in Japan safe?”
Is scheduled for fresh stories, such as “Chinese mills like dangerous”.

Fourth period: 17-18: “will succeed led innovation is what should I do? 」

Cast: Hiroo Yamagata, Koichiro ETO, Kazuhiko hachiya
“To Shenzhen is just alright, but including Japan, led innovation is hard. Why what? ‘ That such will be talking about.

6th period: 18-19: “story of international geek dance party”

Cast: tomad and when Orientals I, DJ kinako mochi ice cream
Here is the introduction of geek-friendly prom AkiParty took place in Shenzhen, geek culture overseas and Shenzhen LED about.

After school: 19-q & a and autograph session
For speakers together takes a question and answer period. Then, during the autograph session.


For inquiries about events, please contact:
TAKASU Masakazu