[July 20th is Billiard Day] Break shot with a cocktail! ?? We sell 3 kinds of fruity “original cocktails” that can change the taste! ~ Expanded at 5 stores in Bagus Tokyo ~


Period: From Monday, July 11th to Sunday, July 31st

Bagus, which is operated by Diamond Dining Co., Ltd., a consolidated subsidiary of DD Holdings Co., Ltd., will commemorate "Billiard Day" on July 20th from July 11th (Monday) to July 31st (Sunday). As a special period for billiards, we will sell original cocktails (starting from 900 yen) at 5 stores in Tokyo. On the day of "Billiard Day" on July 20th (Wednesday), in addition to distributing "SNS coupons" that will reduce the billiard fee by 30%, "2011 9-ball World Champion" Akakariyama Pro, who belongs to Bagus, will give a "lesson". & Challenge Match ”will be held.

■ July 20th is "Billiard Day"
July 20th, "Billiard Day," is an anniversary of the passage of a bill in the Diet that excludes billiard halls from the regulations of the Businesses Affecting Customs Law. Bagus, which develops billiard facilities mainly in Tokyo, will carry out a plan to let many people know the fun of billiards in commemoration of this "Billiard Day".

  • In commemoration of "Billiard Day", a delicious "Break Shot Cocktail" has appeared twice at once!
  • From Monday, July 11th, we will sell 3 types of cocktails with the image of billiards at 5 stores: Bagus Shinjuku West Exit Store, Bagus Ginza Store, Bagus Kinshicho Store, Bagus Yokohama West Exit Store, and Bane Bagus Miyamasuzaka Store. The name "Break Shot Cocktail" is to sprinkle an ice ball that looks like a billiard ball with a muddler and taste it! A perfect summer cocktail made by dividing shochu and fruit-based liqueur with soda and adding peach, grape, and mango-flavored ice balls. Enjoy the taste of straight liqueur without mixing at first. After that, break the ice balls with a muddler and the sweet and cold frozen cocktail is completed!
    Please enjoy the original cocktail with a refreshing taste that makes you feel as if you are taking a break shot.

    ➡ What is a break shot? The first shot in the game. Collect the balls on the rack and make a shot towards them.

    ■ Breakshot Cocktail (Mango, Grape, Peach) 900 yen ~
    We added shochu and soda to the flavored syrup of mango, grape and peach to make a cocktail with a fresh taste. You can also enjoy it as a frozen cocktail by breaking the ice ball.
    * Prices vary depending on the store

    ■ Offer period: July 11th (Monday) -July 31st (Sunday)
    ■ Provided stores:
    Bagus Shinjuku West Exit store https://www.bagus-99.com/shops/b_shinjuku_nishi/
    Bagus Ginza store https://www.bagus-99.com/shops/b_ginza/
    Bagus Kinshicho store https://www.bagus-99.com/shops/b_kinshicho/
    Bagus Yokohama West Exit store https://www.bagus-99.com/shops/b_yokohama_nishiguchi/
    Banebagus Miyamasu-zaka store https://www.bagus-99.com/shops/bb_shibuya_miyamasuzaka/

  • July 20th "Billiard Day" You can play billiards at "30% OFF" on the day!
  • On the day of "Billiard Day", coupons that will give you 30% off the billiard fee will be distributed on SNS at each Bagus store.

    ■ Period: Limited to Wednesday, July 20
    ■ Contents: Follow official Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & RT / Share / Like ➡ Show the relevant screen at the store and "30% off billiard facility usage fee"

    * Cannot be used for events.

    Official Twitter: @ bagus99com
    Official Facebook: @ bagus99com
    Official Instagram: bagus___official

    ■ Coupon target stores:
    ・ Dogenzaka store ・ Shinjuku store ・ Shinjuku west exit store ・ Yasukuni Dori store ・ Ikebukuro store ・ Ikebukuro west exit store ・ Ginza store ・ Shimbashi store ・ Roppongi store ・ Ueno store ・ Akihabara store ・ Kinshicho store ・ Kichijoji store ・ Kawasaki store ・ Machida east exit store・ Yokohama West Exit Store ・ Omiya Store ・ Tokorozawa ・ Funabashi Store ・ Shinjuku Store ・ Tenjin Store
    ・ Miyamasuzaka store ・ Akasaka Mitsuke store ・ Sendai store
    <Grand Cyber Cafe Bagus Comic Cafe B Net>
    ・ Shinjuku store ・ Ikebukuro store ・ Namba Dotonbori store

  • July 20 "Billiard Day" "Lesson & Challenge Match" by Akakariyama Pro will be held on the day
  • "2011 9-ball World Champion" Akakariyama Pro will hold "Lesson & Challenge Match" at Bagus Shinjuku store! This is an event where you can interact directly with the world champions.
    * This event is held regularly other than July 20th.

    ■ Implementation date: Wednesday, July 20
    ■ Venue: Bagus Shinjuku store https://www.bagus-99.com/shops/b_shinjuku/

    ■ 30-minute plan
    Price ¥ 2,200 (tax included) (including game fee, one order not included)
    ・ Lesson: 30 minutes one-on-one lesson
    ・ Challenge match: 9 balls 5 games first or 10 balls 4 games first (alternate break) * With one-point advice
    ■ 60 minutes plan
    Price ¥ 3,300 (tax included) (including game fee, one order not included)
    ・ Lesson: 60 minutes one-on-one lesson
    ・ Challenge match: 9 balls 8 games first or 10 balls 7 games first (alternate break) * With one-point advice
    ■ Group lesson plan
    Price ¥ 1,500 per person (tax included) (game fee included, one order not included)
    ・ 60 minutes group lesson (up to 6 people)
    ・ You can choose your favorite theme from multiple themes and take the course.
    In addition, if you wish to have other themes, we can offer group lessons on that theme if you consult us in advance.

    [Profile of Yukio Akakariyama]
    The third Japanese world champion for the first time in 13 years, following Takeshi Okumura and Kunihiko Takahashi. The following year, on February 21, 2012, he recorded the first place in the Japanese men's first world ranking (WPA ranking). He has a history of winning many prizes in other domestic and international games.

  • Bagus's proud amusement content "Billiards"
  • Bagus is an amusement brand with industry-leading professionals, including Yukio Akakariyama, who boasts one of the largest billiard installations in Japan and won the 2011 World Champion. At Bagus, in order to spread billiards widely, we have been engaged in various activities such as events that invite global professionals, challenge matches with affiliated professionals, campaigns, and exposure to the media. In the corporate competition that has continued since 2013, the base of billiards is expanding, with a total of 199 companies and a total of 4,020 people participating in the past 21 times.
    Furthermore, in 2020, he challenged the world record of "speed pool (8 balls)" and achieved a superb record. It was introduced a lot in the media.
    As a pioneer of billiards in Japan, Bagus will continue to make efforts to spread billiards as a sport to a wide range of people.

  • Entertainment space “BAGUS”
  • It is a multi-entertainment brand that develops complex amusement facilities such as billiards, darts, simulation golf, table tennis, luxury karaoke, internet cafes, lounge restaurants, etc. mainly in Tokyo. Based on the concept of "hospitality & entertainment," we have created a play space that everyone can enjoy across generations. The luxurious interior, which can be said to be Bagus quality, is a special space where everyone who visits can feel the status. BAGUS which means [highest] in Indonesian. We will provide the best time for everyone. https://www.bagus-99.com/