Draw the new toy using illustrations drawn by many! “Hyakka 100 wolves-Sengoku ninpo pledge-in animate winter feast” is the favorite held on Mono corner!


An animate promoted Mono corner via “hyakka 100 wolves-Sengoku ninpo pledge-in animate winter feast” held today!
Draw the new toy using illustrations drawn by many!

“Hyakka 100 wolves-ninpo jou Sengoku ~”
When is the end of the warring States. PSVita-only software draws the sorrowful men to defend a Shinobi dressed being falsely accused of Taiko killing girl and her battle with fleeting love

Flowers scattered on the wind of impermanence–in this most sad battle begins.

Late round: Wataru Hatano
Black snow: Hiro Shimono
Momochi Butterfly Jiro: kōsuke toriumi
Hattori hanzō: Kenjiro Tsuda
5 goemon Ishikawa: green light

Restaurants in corners during the period, “hyakka 100 wolves-Sengoku ninpo pledge-” related products (anime and books) to purchase 1000 yen per one or purchased games, CD’s and booking deposit (more than 1000 yen) 1 each award one random, handed over the.
◆ benefits: dialogue with CEA card (6 kinds)

♦ exhibition period: 2 / 25 (Thursday)-3/13 (Sunday)

♦ advance stores: Akihabara branch

“Hyakka 100 wolves-Sengoku ninpo pledge-” official site

Calabasas, life-size illustrations and Chibi character illustrations
Push the bag trying to appeal to the characters!
Product name: Calabasas collection
Price: 250 Yen + tax
Size: 5.5 cm
Specs: walnut-colour / on paper
Product URL:http://www.movic.jp/shop/g/g03426-00603-00001/
The image of character Beads Bracelet
Phantom cheese stone bracelet.
Product name: Rosary bracelet
Price: 900 yen + tax
Size: circumference approx 18 cm
Specifications: natural stone use / Crystal part laser marking
Product URL:http://www.movic.jp/shop/g/g03426-00658-00001/
Japanese-style designs costumes scrunchie
Even in her hair, or put in the bag!
Product name: Chou
Price: 650 Yen + tax
Size: 10 cm
Materials: polyester 100% full color print
Product URL:http://www.movic.jp/shop/g/g03426-00668-00001/◆ a favorite things special page
http://www.oshinamono.com/oshinamono/hyakka* Of the other favorite of Mono corner special page.* Jewels can be postponed / cancelled / changed by the circumstances regarding the release of the product, specifications. Please note that.

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