The theme is “figure genic” “SNS shine” display a lot of new figures!


MegaHobi EXPO 2018 Autumn Holding Saturday, November 24, 2018 11: 00 ~ 18: 00 AKIBA_SQUARE, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

MegaHouse Corporation will hold "MegaHobi EXPO 2018 Autumn" centered on exhibits of hobby commodities such as figures at AKIBA_SQUARE (Tokyo) on Saturday, November 24, 2018. In addition to the mega house organized, Hobby Japan Co., Ltd., Alter Co., Ltd., Tsuya Co., Ltd., Revolve Corporation, ANIPLEX +, Ricorde Corporation, Yoyogi Animation Gakuin, Stringer Co., Ltd., KADOKAWA (Dengeki Hobby Web) Exhibited. A total of 10 companies will exhibit new products and stage events of hobby commodities. KADOKAWA Corporation (Dengeki Hobby Web) will be exhibiting for the first time and we plan to exhibit our own developed figure products etc.

– Event overview –

■ Event title "Megahovi EXPO 2018 Autumn"
■ Organizer Megahouse Corporation
■ Date and time November 24, 2018 (Sat) 11: 00 ~ 18: 00
※ The final entry is scheduled at 17:45.
Admission charge Free entrance
■ Description Hobby Material (PVC Figure) Display of new products,
Stage event, others
(UDX 2F in Akihabara 4-14-1, Kotobuki, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)
■ Exhibitors
Hobby Japan Co., Ltd. Alter
Revolve Co., Ltd. Toshiya
Aniplex Corporation (ANIPLEX +)
Rikoru Co., Ltd. Stronger
KADOKAWA Corporation (Dengeki Hobby Web) Yoyogi Animation Institute (in no particular order)
In this mega-hobi EXPO, in addition to establishing exhibitions and special corner specializing in "SNS shining" that can experience the theme "figure genic", introduction of new products by each company in the venue and introduction of Megahouse new product "Actibuilder SSSS.GRIDMAN We will implement the stage event "Gridman two-shot photo shoot meeting (※ For product reservation, preliminary lottery application)" commemorating the release of DX Assist Weapon Set.
In addition, as a simultaneous event "Mobile Fighter Gundam Iron Blood Orphans" Official spin-off "3-chome Orufuhichu" event "Great chapel of 3-chome Ouchifenchu ​​Autumn festival (provisional)
We will hold it at AKIBA_SQUARE UDX THEATER.
Details will be updated from time to time "Megahovi EXPO 2018 Autumn" special page so please be aware of it.
■ Stage event Gridman two-shot photo session

At "Amiami mail order head office (" "Ami Ami Akihabara Radio Kaikan store"
For those who reserved "Actibuilder SSSS.GRIDMAN DX Assist Weapon Set", we will draw 100 people by lottery,
We invite you to "Gridman two shot photo shoot party".
Since an order number to be acquired at the time of reservation is necessary for entry,
For details, please check "Actibuilder" special site · application page.
※ Ami Ami Yahoo! Store, Ami Ami Rakuten Market Store, Ami Ami amazon shop are out of scope.
Special URL:
※ Participation will not be accepted at the photo session on the day, please understand.
■ Concurrently held 3rd chapter of Ou-henchochu large harvest festival (temporary)

MegaHobi EXPO which is celebrating the 5th anniversary "Power event of the 3-chome Ouferochu stage event" powered up!
We will hold all 2 performances at "AKIBA_SQUARE UDX THEATER" this time, entitled "3rd Strong Ouchifaichu Autumn Great Harvest Festival (Tentative)". Mr. Kengo Kenxi (2nd time only) / Mr. Yuka Terasaki (1st time only) / Mr. Masaya Matsukaze / Yohei Matsui to the guest and calling "3-chome Orufuhachu illustration book" currently under acceptance We are planning to read live recitation of the new episode to be recorded and a big lottery where you get a nice present. In addition, we plan to sell the venue of the 3rd chapter of Olfactory products according to the event.
Regarding the details of the event time and how to sell the event participation tickets,
We will inform you on 3-chome's Oufufuchu special page and official Twitter.
Special page URL: