Thinking FASHION MANU FACTURE 003 botanical day by hishikawa, thanks



Botanical day by hishikawa, actually believe that


Instructor: hishikawa Keisuke (ciontek co., Ltd.)


Currently, Japan’s textile industry is now entering the difficult time. Hishikawa’s ciontek over the years, has been struggling with fiber technology (the creator of botanical day) era, how can business go talk has just come.


Hishikawa, fiber technology for 15 years, car industry 17 years, dyeing 18 years, work is is how.


Creating casualness including antimicrobial sights from the beauty of the natural dyeing of botanical day mass production techniques were developed, and mimicry era material, color, pattern, design, specifications, and prices of different flower color, wear the safety.


To ask Mr. botanical day by hishikawa, now believes that, to break the status quo also new ideas and let’s both consider the value!


We look forward to.



Instructor profile

Hishikawa, Daisuke (ciontek co., Ltd.)

In 1966, started as a designer

In 1979, at the request of the Honda founded a development company-eup, AIST. (D) developing-wheel rider, f-1 team wear

Stepping up the study of nature was a hobby in 1994, tighten the vehicle-related benefits

Founded in 1998, including the mass production technology of dyeing ciontek.

Mimosa award is presented to those who have contributed to the fashion



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Date and time

4/16/2016 (Saturday) 14:00-15:30


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