Genius of the West Flanders Province, Belgium ‘ de-Dore brewery “, the world’s first international store”oerbier man urban man”akiha Hara UDX1F Grand opening!


Belgium beer Cafe Belle ORB and delirium Cafe “Brasserie St Bernardus’ Belgium beers regular imports, wholesale and retail, RIO BREWING & CO… of EVER BREW Inc. (Minato-ku, Tokyo: President Sugawara ryohei) conducts oerbier man de Dore brewery world’s first overseas store 4/8/2016 at 11: 30 on akiha Hara UDX1F Grand opening the.

[De Dolle Brouwers de Dore brewers and oerbier man urban man]

Oerbier man urban man’s small family Brewery located in West Flanders, Belgium ‘de Dore Brewers’ (English: Mad Brewery date: brewing home were wud) will store the world’s first (* 1).
The name of this store yeast were said to be settling into a brewery of this and urban man, this store is .


De Dore Brewers brewing plant and engaged in family weekends only small bar, is a dream place for de Dore Brewery’s beer “Arabic”, “urban” and beer brewers and beer lovers around the world visit this place for beer lovers. Our imported beer in their official Japan only imported.

Originally started as a hobby lawyers, doctors and architects ‘ three brothers brewing, starting with 1980’s era had been forced out of business by mass-produced beer in beer supplier in Belgium. They have so much time to trying to make brewery is stupid and insane people around said so. It is exactly “Fou De Dolle Brouwers Brewer” had. Chris, studied design and architecture to the subsequent brewery and Brewery, design, label design alone, and still without increasing any amount of beer brewing, the beginning of the week we decorated with painting and draw a painting, urban man stores are also drawing his future. In some cases for small quantities in the production increase beer brewed by they are too rare and available in stores. Towards the opening of this store in the Sea some beer but not delivered in the air.


oerbier man urban man we imported from Belgium (occasionally including craft beer) barrel beer mainly up to 20 species, bottled beer offers, wine is Alsatian in France, we provide has been imported from the Bordeaux region, Spain, La Mancha region, including. It is occasionally, rare regular imported Arab urban oak students, limited brewing at this store only be provided. (The barrel opening a beer tower clearance issues, and 5 species. )

For the Belgium beer affected by imported products. Glass (regular glass) Belgium beer keg 490 Yen-790 yen (excluding tax) for singling us mainly, imported by Japan’s easiest price and enjoy. Plans to provide de Dore Brewers brewing products than we are.

Create and extract the images of antique posters bought directly from Belgium and chandeliers, antique chairs, and de Dore brewery while Interior. Interior and exterior data changes are and in fact may have differences.




Store name oerbier man urban man
50 seat Terrace seats and
Address 4-14-1 sotokanda Chiyoda Tokyo akiha Hara UDX Bldg. 1F, 102
Opening date 4/8/2016
Phone number 03-3526-2321

* Excludes 1 brewery bars