Taste local delicacies around the country in Akihabara “Dining room b-1 Grand Prix” event information! Weekend in late January 2 weeks continuous at Kyushu Nicki minaj!

Operated by urban development in the East Japan (Head Office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: exit, Yoshimi) Jr co., Ltd. ‘ b-1 Grand Prix dining room AKI-OKA CARAVANE “in is the selection of Kyushu limited Kyushu fairs will be held.
  • “B-1 Grand Prix diner” serving local delicacies around the country on akiha Hara electric town mouth 3 min walk downtown
  • As an affordable gourmet spot exposed to numerous media, has created a stir.
  • 1/22 (Friday)-1/24 (Sunday), 1/29 (Friday) ~1/31 (Sunday) and two weeks held a special event entitled “Kyushu Nicki minaj” in a row, a Kyushu specialty collection.

Kumamoto country fire also was Tei strains most hang frames


This father of Kumamoto”stubborn” and I hang taste.
Pork bones and vegetables over and gave the stew making soup,
Even I rub Pavilion specially flavored oil, plus the taste is amazing
Mellow. * Do not contain ingredients.

Kumamoto’s famous dumplings so suddenly


This is a tradition handed down from ancient times in Kumamoto, Japanese-style confection.

Old, old bird eggs


And crispy texture and sweet soy sauce with bean sweets familiar staple commodities since ancient times.
Sweet soy sauce flavor arouses nostalgia.

Many Kyushu specialty stocks.
Weekend in late January in Akihabara Kyushu regional specialities to enjoy!

[And the b-1 Grand Prix dining room? 】
The b-1 Grand Prix dining room AKI-OKA CARAVANE’s permanent official store in b-1 Grand Prix events through our work on regional economic growth. Offers cuisine supervised by the b-1 Grand Prix affiliated organizations about 15 different turnover.

[Our targets to meet customer needs offers:
Served in numerous menu to “low volume eye & expensive case Tamer” in offers. Some menus are “full-sized” “half-size” both because Favorites menu. customers want to eat fishing customers please order “full-sized”.

Is provided in the trailer.
More festive mood.

In 2016, 10 b-1 Grand Prix tournament winner
, Chiba, Katsuura city “hot blooded! Katsuura Deng convoy “edited by
Katsuura Deng
(Half-size 400 Yen full-sized 700 yen)

2012-8 b-1 Grand Prix tournament winner
Futaba-gun Namie-machi, Fukushima Prefecture, Namie baked noodles thick country supervisor
, Mie noodle
(Half-size 400 Yen full-sized 700 yen)

Imabari City, Ehime Prefecture Imabari barbecued pork egg rice world spread “Committee of” supervision
Imabari barbecued pork with egg rice (¥ 500)

Izumo, Shimane Prefecture Izumo zenzai society supervision
Izumo zenzai (¥ 400)

[Hotel information]
Hotel 名:B-1 Grand dining room AKI-OKA CARAVANE
Location: Tokyo, Chiyoda-ku Kanda-neribeicho-Cho 15-1 outside
Electric town exit of Jr JR Akihabara Station okachimachi nightlights to 3-minute walk from under the overpass
Opening hours: weekdays 11: 00-21:00 (last order 20:45)
Saturday holiday 11:00-20:00 (last order 19:45)