Holidays! Hokkaido Shinkansen! 3/19’s “Dining room b-1 Grand Prix” from (Saturday) “Chapter 3” kicks off!


-3/19 (Saturday) Hokkaido cuisine come together & make a further 12 kinds of local delicacies-

Announced today that under akiha Hara elevated operated company Jr East Japan city development “b-1 Grand Prix”is a regional information center providing more local delicacies to 3/19 (Saturday) “Chapter 3” kicks off to you.
Others celebrate the Hokkaido Shinkansen in “Chapter 3”, you be studded to Hokkaido delicacies, local foods around the country new let me send our will.

  • Chapter 3-opening day
    • 3/19/2016 (Saturday) 11:00
  • In Chapter 3 to 15 kinds of local delicacies (12 types of first offer local delicacies)
    • Hokkaido delicacies four (first 2 & 2 continued)
    • Other delicacies around the country 11 (first offer 10 & No. 1)
  • Temporary closure due to the preparation of Chapter 3
    • 3/16/2016 (Wednesday)-3/18 (Friday) in 3 days

Kitami, Hokkaido (1)
Okhotsk kitami Sioyaki near upon salt Corps supervisor
Okhotsk kitami Sioyaki Soba (first offer)
(¥ 400, half size / full size 700 yen)

Kushiro, Hokkaido (2)
Kushiro Santore I choke, Corps supervisor
“Kushiro Santore” (first offer)
(¥ 400)

(3) the city
No. 746 nayoro stewed, Genghis fleet supervisor
“Nayoro stewed mutton”
(¥ 400)

(4), Otaru, Hokkaido
Otaru fried Yakisoba SS supervisor
“Otaru CHOW Mein.
(¥ 400, half size / full size 700 yen)

(5) gyoda city, Saitama Prefecture
Gyoda serie fly research supervision
See: serie fly “(first offer)
(2 300 yen)

(6) Miura-Shi, Kanagawa
Misaki tuna rahmens supervision
Misaki tuna ramen (first offer)
(¥ 400, half size / full size 700 yen)

(7) Nagano Prefecture Komagane
Piece months root sauce katsudon flyers supervision
“Piece months roots sauce katsudon” (first offer)
(¥ 500)

(8) Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture
Hamamatsu dumplings and Board of supervision
Hamamatsu gyoza dumplings (first offer)
(400 Yen)

(9) city of gujo, Gifu Prefecture
-Interior MINO care family supervision
-Interior MINO Curry hitchaku stick “(first offer)
(¥ 500)

(10) gujo, Gifu Prefecture
Meihou chicken’s research supervisor
Meihou chicken baby (first offer)
(¥ 400)

(11) Akashi city, Hyogo Prefecture
Witness egg baked Hiromi enhance Corps supervisor
“Testifies omelet” (first offer)
(400 Yen)

(12), Hiroshima Prefecture Fuchu-Shi
Bingo Fuchu baked to spread the Board of supervision
Bingo Fuchu baked (first offer)
(¥ 500)

(13), Tottori City, Tottori Prefecture
Tottori thank you rim hoe Research Institute under the supervision
“Tottori thank you rim hoe-Zen” (first offer)
(400 Yen)

(14), Hita city, Oita Prefecture
Hita Yakisoba workshop supervisor
Hita Yakisoba noodles (first offer)
(¥ 400, half size / full size 700 yen)

(15) Katsuura city, Chiba Prefecture
Hot blooded! Katsuura Deng fleet supervisor
“Deng Katsuura.
(500 yen, half size / full size 700 yen)

[Hotel information]

Store 名:B-1 Grand dining room AKI-OKA CARAVANE
Location: Tokyo, Chiyoda-ku Kanda-neribeicho-Cho 15-1 outside
Electric town exit of Jr JR Akihabara Station from okachimachi station town to walk under the overpass
Opening hours: weekdays 11: 00-21:00 (last order 20:45)
Saturday holiday 11:00-20:00 (last order 19:45)