Collaboration event & tie-up for the most devastating RPG in history, “Disgaea RPG of Makai Senki RPG” and “Atre Akihabara”!


-Limited shop that sells disgaea related goods also opened! ~

Forward Works Co., Ltd. (FW) has announced that a limited-time collaboration event for the smartphone game "Makai Senki Disgaea RPG" and "Atre Akihabara" will be held from January 14, 2020 (Tuesday). I will.

During the event, Atre Akihabara will be colored with characters from "Disgaea RPG".
In addition, at the Atre Akihabara 1 2F “ Makai Senki Disgaea RPG Special Pop-up Shop '' installed on the 2nd floor, limited goods will be sold in advance, collaboration products sold at each store in Atre Akihabara, distribution of original purchase benefits, Various events such as stamp rally which can get limited novelty will be held! Please look forward to it.

"Makai Senki Disgaea RPG" x "Atre Akihabara" Collaboration Event & Tie-Up
Period: From 10:00 on January 14, 2020 (Tue) to 21:00 on January 31, 2020 (Fri)
Atre Akihabara Official Website:

■ "Atre Akihabara 1" "Makai Senki Disgaea RPG" jacks inside and outside the building!
During the event, characters of "Disgaea RPG of Makai Senki RPG" will be decorated on the entrance of Atre Akihabara as well as on the wall with a width of 12 meters or more, and we will greet everyone coming to Atre Akihabara.
Also, the BGM of "Disgaea RPG" will be broadcasted on-site, so don't miss it!

■ Collaboration product sales at 2 stores in “Atre Akihabara 1” and “Atre Akihabara 2”!
During the event, collaboration products will be sold at two stores, Ethiopia at Atre Akihabara 1 and Chelsea Market at Atre Akihabara 2.

Store location: "Atre Akihabara 1" 1F
Collaboration product: Lahar curry * The image is an image

[Chelsea Market]
Store location: "Atre Akihabara 2" 2F

Collaboration product: Prinny Burger * The image is an image

■ "Disgaea RPG of Makai Senki RPG" character card will be given!
During the period, at about 50 stores * 1 of "Atre Akihabara 1" and "Atre Akihabara 2", purchases of 500 yen (tax included) * 2 * 1 from 23 types of "Atre Original Makai Senki Disgaea RPG Character Card" Get a random gift!

■ "Disgaea RPG Special Popup Shop"
During the collaboration event, the “Atlas Akihabara 1” 2F opens “Disgaea RPG Special Pop-up Shop” on 2F! We will sell limited goods made for this collaboration event such as a hard case for smartphones using character illustrations and an acrylic stand.
* The image is a part of the product for sale

■ About "Disgaea"
The first game in the "Makai Senki Disgaea" series was the release of the first "PlayStation 2" software "Makai Senki Disgaea" in January 2003, featuring attractive characters and a wealth of game play elements. It has been popular among many fans as a popular series, including the topic, and the cumulative number of series shipped has exceeded 3 million worldwide (as of May 18, 2017).

■ About the most devastating training RPG in history "Disgaea RPG"
“ Makai Senki Disgaea '' series, while inheriting the elements of the series such as the world view of the series and training to raise up to Lv 9999 and hit over 100 million damage, the successive characters of the “ Makai Senki Disgaea '' series will appear Adopting an original story and a command battle where you can play crispy anytime, anywhere, you can enjoy as a completely original game for smartphones.

It is said to be deeper than any sea and darker than any darkness. A dark world where the evil ones who are fascinated by the darkness gather.
Where is his land? It is not clear. However, everyone believed in its existence deep inside and was afraid.

The player's smartphone is connected to such a dark world (Makai), selects a favorite character from various characters, and grows it into the strongest demon king.

FW will provide a number of wonderful games born from the PlayStation as smartphone-optimized games so that more users can easily enjoy them.

<Product information of "Disgaea RPG"

title Makai Senki Disgaea RPG
Genre The most aggressive training RPG in history
Correspondence iOS / Android
Usage fee Basic play free (with in-app purchase)
Delivery date November 27, 2019 (Wed)
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