Spring Akihabara Electric Town Festival collaborates with “New Sakura Wars the Animation” and will be held from March 20 (Fri)! !


The Akihabara Electric Town Promotion Association will hold the Spring Akihabara Electric Town Festival from March 20, 2020 (Fri) to May 6, 2020 (Wed).

Spring Akihabara Electric Town Festival Campaign Site

<< About "Spring Akihabara Electric Town Festival" >>
(1) Content tie-up with "Sakura Wars" series latest work "New Sakura Wars"! !
We will continue to tie up with the latest game software "Shin Sakura Taisen" of the popular series released on December 12, and enliven the city of Akihabara with "Shin Sakura Taisen the Animation" scheduled to be broadcast from April.

(2) Five gift campaigns were held at the Akihabara Electric Town Festival.

(3) The Akihabara Electric Town Festival official mascot character “AKIBeAr (Akibea)” will be groutable on April 11 (Saturday) during the Electric Town Festival.

《Spring Akihabara Electric Town Festival Campaign Overview》
◆ Point (1)
100 people will get a "10,000 yen shopping voucher" or 5 people will get an "Original cast autographed poster"
※ Eligibility is required to purchase 500 yen (tax included) or more at the target store during the period.
* You can apply by registering your Akihabara Electric Town Festival LINE official account as a friend and sending the above purchase receipt image via LINE.
* When applying, please select either the “Shopping ticket course” or the “New Sakura Wars” course.
* The application deadline is 23:59 on Wednesday, May 6.

◆ Point (2)
If you purchase more than 500 yen (tax included) at the target stores, you will receive a collaboration novelty drawn by "New Sakura Wars the Animation" x Akibea on a first come, first served basis.
The first: From March 20 (Fri) to April 10 (Fri) A6 size mini notebook
2nd: April 11 (Sat)-May 6 (Wed) A4 size clear file

◆ Point (3)
Register your Akihabara Electric Town Festival LINE official account as a friend and receive a “New Sakura Taisen the Animation” design card on a first-come, first-served basis

* Design card exchange coupon will be issued automatically when you register as a friend of Akihabara Electric Town Festival LINE official account.
* If you can show the coupon exchange screen to the clerk at the target store, you will receive a "New Sakura Wars the Animation" design card.

◆ Point (4)
One copy of "Shin-Sakura Taisen the Animation" scene postcard will be presented on a first-come, first-served basis for purchases of 500 yen (tax included) or more at some target stores
The first: 10 kinds from March 20 (Fri) to April 10 (Fri)
The second: 10 kinds of from Saturday, April 11 to Wednesday, May 6

◆ Point (5)
Akihabara Electric Town Festival Chuo Street Flag is presented to 10 people
* During the period from March 20 (Fri) to May 6 (Wed), participants who follow the account of Akihabara Electric Town Promotion Association (@akiba_denkigai) and retweet the campaign announcement tweet We present to ten people by lot from inside.
* Winners will be notified by using the direct mail function.

《Akihabara Electric Town Festival LINE Official Account》
To participate in the application campaign, you need to have a LINE official account and friend registration for the Akihabara Electric Town Festival.

《Recommended products for energy-saving home appliances and latest home appliances》

High res-adaptive inner ear headphones
The latest model in the WOOD series that uses a "wood" diaphragm from the Victor brand.
High-resolution inner ear headphones and wood dome carbon diaphragm enable precise expression.
A premium model that employs unique wood technology such as acoustic purifier and has been tuned for sound quality using the high-quality sound technology cultivated so far.

GR-SGZ series (501L: GR-S500GZ) Scheduled to be released in April
Even though it is 60cm wide, 501L can be fully stored.
Because the vegetable room is in the middle, you can first access large vegetables.
With the new technology that freezes only the surface of the food, there is no thawing and no drip, and the "ice crystal chilled" that keeps the taste is installed!

8K compatible LCD color TV with built-in 70V 4K tuner
The highest peak of AQUOS with built-in 4K tuner.
Equipped with a newly developed 8K image processing engine that maximizes the performance of high definition 8K panels.
Equipped with the new function "8K Sports View", enjoy the realism of sports at home!

■ Panasonic
Air conditioner
・ High concentration of “NanoE X” makes it more resistant to mold
・ New ・ Keep the filter clean
・ High performance model with abundant size

Hitachi drum type washer / dryer “Big Drum”
BD-NX120E / BD-SX110E
Not only does it save time and effort by automatically adding the appropriate amount of liquid detergent and softener, but it can also provide excellent cleaning action and softener effects by adding the appropriate amount.
AI washing with multiple sensors. Washing smartly and neatly, to the finish that can be worn as it is with a wind iron.

A sense of presence created by combining video and sound. A flagship 4K OLED TV that draws all images beautifully with jet black and rich colors.

■ Denon
Network speaker DENON HOME 150
Amazon Music HD / Alexa Compatible High Quality Network Speaker
・ High sound quality of Denon quality
・ Equipped with HEOS technology
・ Multi-room audio function that changes the way you enjoy music
・ Can be extended to stereo systems
・ Supports playback of high-resolution sound sources
・ Supports various music streaming services (Amazon Music HD / AWA / Spotify / SoundCloud)
・ Compatible with Internet radio
・ Supports AirPlay 2, Bluetooth (R)
-Supports voice control by Alexa
・ Touch control & Quick select button

Mitsubishi refrigerator MX series
"Easy freezing AI", which automatically and deliciously freezes meat, fish and vegetables, and "Zero freezing stocker D", which can be stored for a long time without freezing, make daily cooking easier.

<< What is "Tokyo Zero Emi Point" >>
Tokyo Zero Emi Points will be given to replacements for household appliances with high energy-saving performance for Tokyo residents only.

In Tokyo, in order to promote energy saving at home, which is indispensable for global warming countermeasures, points will be given to replacement of target equipment that meets certain standards. (Limited to Tokyo residents (individuals) installing in residential buildings in Tokyo).

-Applicable devices are air conditioners with a unified energy saving label of 4 stars or more, refrigerators with a unified energy saving label of 5 stars, and high-efficiency water heaters
-10,000 to 21,000 Tokyo Zero Emi points will be awarded depending on the target product.
・ Of the points, 1,000 points will be exchanged for discount tickets that can be used to purchase LED lighting, and the rest will be exchanged for gift certificates
・ Applications are accepted until March 31, 2021 (finished as soon as the budget runs out)
・ For details, go to the website or call center
TEL: 0570-005-083 or 03-6634-1337

《What is “New Sakura Wars the Animation”》
The animated work of the popular game software "New Sakura Taisen", "New Sakura Taisen the Animation" will be broadcast on TOKYO MX and BS11 on Friday, April 3, 2020! Please look forward to the success of the "Imperial Flower Strike Team / Hana-gumi" on a new stage.

・ Synopsis
The Imperial City of Tokyo, which restored peaceful days in the 1930s (1941).
"Imperial flower strike team, Hana-gumi" was replaced by Captain Seijuro Kamiyama who was transferred to Europe, and Sakura Amamiya was appointed acting deputy captain.
Kamiyama returns to Japan temporarily with a stranger girl, who is struggling every day.
The girl's name is Clara. He is the only survivor of the devastated Moskegean troupe.
It was a flower group that welcomed Clara happily, but a group of demons that had been hiding shadows for a while appeared. It is a flower group that greets the demon approaching the Great Imperial Theater.

A new battle curtain opens in the Imperial City and Tokyo!

Broadcast information: From Friday, April 3, 2020
TOKYO MX Every Friday from 22:00
BS11 Every Friday from 23:30


《Akihabara Electric Town Festival Official Mascot Character》
★ AKIBeAr (Akibea)
A mysterious bear that appears in the city of Akihabara.
AKIBA's A-shaped silhouette and inazuma carved in the chest are trademarks.
He seems proud of having “AKIBA” in his name.

★ AKIBirDon
Public relations officer of Akihabara Electric Town. Information is being disseminated on the official Twitter.
Intellibird, a spokeswoman for Akihabara Electric Town.
AKIBA, of course, has traveled all over the world and seems to be able to speak multilingual in erudition.
Akibea's head is too comfortable to stay in AKIBA, but it is unknown when he will go on a trip again.

★ GINnYan
She also knows about AKIBA's background and is a chatting but dependable sister Nyanko.
Words are rough, but i love idols! I like fashion and shopping.
The name comes from the ginkgo tree

《Aki Bear costume greeting》
Implementation date: Saturday, April 11, 2020
Time : 11: 30 ~ 17: 00
Location: Implemented at six member stores

Conduct: Commemorative photo session
Implementation store:
Tsukumo's 12th store
Dospara Akihabara Main Store
Sofmap AKIBA 4th store
Laox Akihabara Main Store

※ About 20 minutes once
* Implementation stores and schedules are subject to change without a plan.
* Can be canceled or interrupted due to circumstances.