The number of stores has exceeded 1,000! Posting cost to support restaurants by takeout, perpetual 0 yen “Everyone’s takeout”, information site of 24 regions newly released


~ The government aims for both recovery of consumption and suppression of the second wave of infection, and takes out takeout as a target! ~

“Minna no Takeout”, a portal site dedicated to takeouts operated by Ridge Global Holdings Limited, has been expanding its support circle with more than 1,000 stores in the first month of its operation. Therefore, we will newly add information sites for 24 regions on May 31, 2020 (Sunday), and plan to open regional sites in all 47 prefectures by mid-June in response to rising local takeout demand.

The Ishigaki Island banner is an example. Images in other areas are similar

[Everyone's takeout]

  • Let's call out the troubles of restaurants by taking out! Further expansion of local information support site
  • "Minna no Takeout" is a site where restaurant owners can attract customers at zero cost and those who refrain from going out unnecessarily or unnecessarily can search for restaurants to take out . In addition, posting is not only from the restaurant side, but also a support platform that fans of the shop can post their favorite shops .
    The 24 newly added local information websites are Okinawa main island, Ishigaki island, and other areas where many tourists are expected to visit during the summer, as well as the Tohoku region, Chugoku region, Nara and Wakayama regions. We are expanding to the region. Although the damage of coronavirus is not great in these areas, it is an area where many elderly people live, and we consider that there is a strong demand for takeout, so we decided to make a new move.
    The government is considering subsidizing home delivery and takeout as part of the “GO TO Campaign”, which is a tourism demand-raising demand that was planned to arouse the depressed demand of Corona. Takeout will surely take root as a new “food behavior”.

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    ■ List of 24 newly opened "Regional Information Sites"

    ◇ Sendai

    ◇ Kanda Akihabara
    ◇ Setagaya
    ◇ Kichijoji
    ◇ Chofu Fuchu




    《Okinawa main island》

    [Outline of "Takeout for Everyone"]


    ◇ Easy-to-use search function
    ・ Nearest store in conjunction with GPS / nationwide areas, routes, stations, genres /
    "Finding conditions" unique to takeout
    ◇ Addition of store information is possible
    ・ A lot of information such as takeout menus and store photos is posted free of charge
    ・ Individually post article and specify job information
    ・ Check reviews and post

  • Future development
  • Our company aims to support restaurants that are in a difficult situation with this coronavirus, and through "Minna no Takeout", we will provide a database service of high-performance takeout-compatible restaurants such as GPS search for a long time to come forever. Doing.
    In response to the fact that the number of listed stores has exceeded 1,000, we have decided to expand the information site to 24 regions in order to further meet demand, so we will report here.
    Restaurant owners can immediately use the local information site and enhanced search functions and other functions by registering for "Minna no Takeout" and at no cost. Eventually, we plan to open all local sites in all 47 prefectures. We will continue to seriously recognize the social responsibility of supporting the Japanese restaurant industry.
    Ridge Global Holdings Limited
    CEO Yasuyuki Furuyama

    ■ Company profile
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    Representative: CEO Yasuyuki Furuyama
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