3/26-let corosense- turned into cans or vending machines? Assassin class TV anime [JOY CAN PREMIUM] and [eco tote bag will be released!


Co., Ltd. NEO GATE assassin class TV animation original items and characters can become set toy [JOY CAN PREMIUM joycam] will be released 3/26/2016 (Saturday).

[Product details]
“Assassination,” JOY CAN PREMIUM

Would you believe it! Let corosense- now can I?
Assassin classes [JOY CAN PREMIUM joycam] is 殺senn let-of face is designed for large drinks cans, 10 kinds of (let 殺senn normal-, ushioda Nagisa, AKABANE, Chino Maple, isogai, horse, Maehara Yang Doo, Crow while let corosense-  Minister Nobuyoshi, haunted-, let’s face corosense-  secret) of acrylic charms at random, will be filled. Acrylic charms are cute with SD characters drawn! Inside beverage cans is a “sports drink”! If you drink it you too can fly at Mach 20?
And what drink: sports drink (fruit juice 1%)
-Size: cans / 190 ml / acre charm / 50 mm × 50 mm or less
-Price: 500 yen (including tax)
-Manufacturer: GATE co., Ltd. NEO

♦ assassin class eco tote bag
Let corosense- came in a can [JOY CAN]-style illustrations with original design. Long handle is hung on the shoulder in, bottom gusseted, comfortably holds A4 size documents. Available in a variety of applications, such as work or shopping. [JOY CAN PREMIUM: take together to please confirm please.
-Material: cotton
-Color: generate color
-Size: A4 paper size
(Body / height approx. 360 mm × width 360 mm x gusset approximately 100 mm / handle / height approx. 180 mm × width approximately 190 mm)
-Price: 1200 yen (tax included)
-Manufacturer: NEO GATE co., Ltd.

♦ General release (animate stores, Kotobukiya stores, steraworth, adores Akihabara, anime Plaza Akihabara)
4/2/2016 (Saturday) released
* No lapping automatic vending machines at these stores and sales.
The * in the above stores handling [JOY CAN PREMIUM] only.
* Have sales start date can vary depending on the shop. For more information please check stores homepage, etc.
* The sale lasts to our forewarning. Please note that.

• Reservations
At the 2/19/2016 (Friday) sequence starts reservations.
Reservations can be made with acrylic charms 10 kinds “complete set”.
Usually sold at one at a time from purchase becomes possible.
* If you change the contents regarding book sales. For more information please check stores homepage, etc.
* Bookings possible product [JOY CAN PREMIUM] only.

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Assassin class (C) Matsui Masaru Takagi / SHUEISHA / animation production Committee