“Neko day off” 3 rd anniversary! The largest ever in the summer vacation decision Total 3 million followers of star followers Concentration & entry to 3,333 first come first serve


Star cat & popular writer large congregation · July 27 – August 26 at Tokyo Asakusabashi

BACON (Bekon) Co., Ltd., a festival of summer festivals "Festival holiday exhibition" joint photo & merchandise exhibition gathering popular cat creator who mobilized more than 450,000 people, Friday, July 27, 2018, ~ Sunday, August 26 at TODAYS GALLERY STUDIO (Tokyo · Asakusabashi). "Cat holiday exhibition" also entered the third anniversary. This summer festival will be the new main exhibition and will be held at the largest past exhibitors and the largest scale!
URL: http://tgs.jp.net/event/neko-break

■ In addition to the popular pop-up new work, a collaborative cat is covered with dogs ♪

Total SNS followers is over 3 million people. Participating creators are planning to exhibit a new work that will unexpectedly make the summer feel like a blast. The second pop-up store collaborated with Skog Marknad, which was very popular last time, will be expanded, as well as many limited goods that only available at the festival! In addition, the entrance privilege is limited to 3,333 first-come, first-served Hui-chan's fan as summer.
<The theme of the latest work of the star cat collaboration series drawn by Skog Marknad is "magical country">

It is decided to hold the second pop-up store to be drawn collaborating with the star cat! In the special booth located in the venue, we develop original goods entitled "Magical Country". Popular masking tapes and memo pads are inevitable sold out.
<Fukushima Akinori draws, star cat series latest collaboration, "Nagomu" appears>

Star Cats Fu chan, Urashi, the latest work which drew a whip is newly released!

As a cat that can not drink water, works co-collaborated with SNS, which boasts tremendous popularity, will be exhibited at the venue, duplicate posters containing signs and cereals, mirrors, etc. will be sold exclusively.

※ I applied for the winter book festival, a special event for Mr. Ignat Fukushima drawing a love cat for one person in a drawing, but I decided to Celestechan (@ jamlns)! This work also exhibits original painting at the venue special!
<You will be healed by decorating the star cat close to you! What? Interior goods also appear! >

The stuffed toy author RUBIA – ARGYI collaborated, fu – chan 's fu Fumi ver and acorn ver are said to be sold under limited circumstances. Every day watching, I want to be healed by touching every day! It is also recommended for gifts, as well as decorating in the living room of a child's room or your home!
<"Popular writer 0313 (@ zerosanichisan)" wrote cat goods for the first race!

Illustrator 0313 is the long-awaited first exhibition! New goods by writing down cat goods are hoping expectations! In addition, we have decided to collaborate with star cats, and we plan to sell limited goods.


■ Star Cats Collaboration Series & Popular New Goods First bullets are banned!

New Eye Mask & Lens Cleaner that collaborated with Star Cat Acorn Appears!

· Dog-chan Good night eye mask 2,300 yen

· Wenzhou cleaner Acorn jellyfish 1,080 yen

· Writing sticky note stolen cat cat-chan <new goods> 340 yen

A popular belly celebrity has become a new model and a new appearance! Other limited goods can not be overlooked.

· Belly celebrity <new design> 650 yen

· DONGURING (smarhing) 1,200 yen

· Pocket tissue case 1,200 yen

Three types of interior decorating posters are decorated for sale in your room!

· A4 size interior poster 3 kinds each 500 yen
<Mai Yamamoto>

Xavier's latest work is very popular at the venue!

· 4 colors of Nanaime Strike pattern (with Flamingo charm) 1,600 yen

· Okayama denim (floral pattern) 1,800 yen

· Liberty cloth pattern (with Swarovski) 3,000 yen

* Various types are scheduled to be released in addition to this.
<If Mama>

Both the clear file and the magnet which will be the first production appeared in limited quantity!

· Clear file 380 yen

· Magnet 300 yen

※ All prices are planned tax separate prices


■ The official catalog is the newly launched "Magazine Magazine", a magazine-like design! What?

The official catalog was updated in the second half of 2018 version. Like a fashion magazine, like an information magazine somewhere familiar like a magazine-like cat-rest world to the original design full-open. Of course, the topics are also excellent, such as recommended items and column stories, as well as posting of works by all writers.

■ Special projects to be posted on "Cat cats magazine" (official catalog) are also held!

rojiman's special content "Hair Loss Hat" was decided as a special event for "Neko Daylight Exhibition Summer 2018"! Please post the original hat completed with cat's hair loss to SNS during the period. Works selected from the work will be posted in the official catalog. In addition, there are opportunities to receive each prize original goods from among those chosen!

※ Please be sure to check the official page for details on "Neko Day off Exhibition", please post.
【Application method】

Easily apply for posting to Instagram, Twitter!

Please fill out the following necessary items along with a photograph of a cat wearing a hair loss hat.

· Hash tag of "# cat holiday exhibition hair loss hat making"

· Name of the cat

· Title of hair loss hat

【Application period】

Wednesday, June 27, 2018 – Sunday, July 15, 2018

※ The results will be announced in the magazine of "Neko Day official Official Catalog 2018"

【Participating Artists】


【Outline of Exhibition】

Exhibition Title: Joint Photographic & Merchandise Exhibition of Cat "Nekkyo Exhibition Summer 2018"

Date and time of opening: Friday 27th July – Sunday August 26th Sunday 11: 00-19: 00

Closed: Monday [August 13, 20 (Monday opening)]


Asakusabashi 5 – 27 – 6 Asakusabashi Taito Ward Tokyo Prefecture 111 – 0053 5F

Admission: 500 yen / admission free for those under 3 years old

Exhibitors: 30 pairs

Organizer: BACON Corporation

URL: http://tgs.jp.net/event/neko-break


■ TODAYS GALLERY STUDIO official online store open!

"TODAYS GALLERY STUDIO" has set up a real shop in Asakusabashi, Tokyo, since July 2014 and has sold original items of the exhibition exhibition. In the future, in addition to real stores, we will deliver the products to customers nationwide through shops. It will be handled only for collaborative goods which could only be purchased at the venue for the first time.

【Online shop overview】

Start date: July 4, 2018 (Wednesday)

URL: http://shoptgs.jp