MegaHobby EXPO 10th anniversary! Many new figures are on display! Announcement of “Mega Hobby EXPO 2019 Autumn” stage planning and linked planning information update


Saturday, November 30, 2019, 11: 00-18: 00 AKIBA_SQUARE, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

MegaHouse Co., Ltd. will hold “MegaHobby EXPO 2019 Autumn” on Saturday, November 30, 2019 at AKIBA_SQUARE centered on the exhibition of hobby merchandise such as figures. We will inform you that the free viewing stage information and linked project information have been updated.

Event venue implementation stage information

■ "Strawberry Station CB" publicly recorded

Public recording of “ONE PIECE” figure series “POP One Piece” support web distribution program “Strawberry Station CB”!
[Cast] Takahashi Hanayashi, Takashi Ifukube
[open time]
■ 11: 30 ~ (planned for 45 minutes)
■ Recruitment of comments on the program and what you want to hear from Takahashi Hanayashi and Takashi Ifukube!
Please apply to this email address! ⇒
* Be sure to write your pen name.
■ Click here for information on Straw Hat Station! ⇒

■ 2nd talk show of GEM Digimon Adventure Special!

The second talk show featuring “Digimon Adventure” in the “GEM Series” will be held! There will be plenty of new product information and development secrets on stage for the first time! ?
[Cast] Matsuzawa Chiaki, Watanabe Kenji
[open time]
■ 13: 15 ~ (planned for 45 minutes)
[Special guest decision! ]
Tenya Yabu (Digimon Adventure V Tamer 01 Series)

■ New Century GPX Cyber Formula Special Talk Show

A talk show of dreams will be held for those involved in the New Century GPX Cyber Formula! While tracing the history of cyber formula products developed by Megahouse, we will deliver a variety of talks about production and development.
[Cast] Satoshi Shigeta, Shoji Kawamori, Mitsuo Fukuda
[open time]
■ 15: 00- (planned for 45 minutes)

■ & Cast !!! Our Queen's Blade TRIANGLE Scramble Open Recording

The program “Queen's Blade TRIANGLE Scramble”, which rediscovers the appeal of Queen's Blade while introducing the latest information on the HTML5 game “Queen's Blade WHITE TRIANGLE” for smartphones, will be released! We will deliver the latest information.
[Cast] Saki Yamakita (Taylor), Yuki Shibuya (John), Aoi Sakurai (Mei)
[open time]
◆ 16: 45 ~ (planned for 45 minutes)

Linked planning information

In commemoration of the simultaneous holding of “Mega Hobby EXPO 2019 Autumn” and “One Hobby Gallery 2019 AUTUMN (sponsored by Good Smile Company, Inc.)”, we will carry out a linked stamp rally plan where you can get a foil stamped visual sheet.
For details on participation methods and events, please check the special page below. / collabo /
* The foil stamping visual sheet is a one-time gift.
* The number of preparations is limited. Please note that it will be first-come-first-served basis.
* Event-linked planning is only available on Saturday, November 30th.

Event summary

■ Sponsor Megahouse Inc.
■ Date and time November 30, 2019 (Sat) 11: 00-18: 00
* Final entry is scheduled for 17:45.
■ Admission fee Admission free
■ Contents Hobby merchandise (figure related) New product display,
Stage events, etc.
(Akihabara UDX 2F, 4-4-1 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)
■ Exhibiting companies
Hobby Japan Co., Ltd. Alter Co., Ltd.
Revolve Co., Ltd./ Ashiya Co., Ltd.
Aniplex (ANIPLEX +)
Ricornu Inc. ・ Stronger Inc.
KADOKAWA Co., Ltd. (Dengeki Hobby Web)
Yoyogi Animation Academy
BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.
(Exhibitor: WHITE TRIANGLE) (Random order)