TV anime “Azur Lane” pop-up store will be held at AKIHABARA Gamers main store and Machida store from Saturday, December 7! Pre-sale products and lotteries are also held!


Gamers has decided to hold a TV anime “Azur Lane” pop-up store on Saturday, December 7, 2019.

The TV anime “Azur Lane” is a TV based on the game app “Azur Lane”, a game application for the popular smartphone that has surpassed 6 million registrants, fostering and organizing girls who personified ships from around the world. Animation. Gamers will hold a pop-up store from December 7th (Saturday) to December 22nd (Sunday) to sell pre-sale products and win lotteries with cast-signed prizes.

In the pop-up store, sales of advanced products such as acrylic key chains and mobile batteries, as well as post-recording scripts are on display. In addition, during the period, “ Azur Lane '' related products (books, CDs, Blu-ray / DVD, goods, etc.) will be purchased and booked with a script sign or 2L bromide for every 2,000 yen of deposit You can participate once in a lottery where all 5 types are random.

In addition, Gamers will be releasing the Blu-ray Gamers Limited Edition Blu-ray of the TV anime “Azur Lane” with [Full Graphic T-shirt] on Wednesday, December 4! In addition to the [A3 Clear Poster] as a bonus for purchasing each volume of the gamers, a [drawing whole volume storage BOX] will also be included as a bonus for purchasing all volumes, so please purchase and make a reservation at Gamers at this opportunity!

■ Special event information

TV anime “Azur Lane” pop-up store
Period: December 7 (Sat)-December 22 (Sun), 2019
Store: AKIHABARA Gamers Main Store 7F, Gamers Machida Store
Contents: Sales and display / lottery of TV anime “Azur Lane” related products
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■ Lottery
·way to participate
During the event period, you can participate in the lottery once you purchase and reserve AZURE Lane-related products (books, CDs, Blu-ray / DVD, goods, etc.) at the venue.

・ Prize A: Script with cast signature
[Signature cast] Mr. Ohji (as Ayanami), Maria Nagano (as Raffi), Nozomi Yamane (as Javelin)

・ B prize: 2L bromide (5 types / random)

* Resale, transfer, auction, etc. of this prize to a third party is strictly prohibited under any circumstances.
※ The prize will end as soon as it is gone.

■ Product information

Azur Lane Vol.1 Blu-ray [Gamers Limited Edition]
Release date: Wednesday, December 4, 2019
Price: 12,980 yen (tax included)
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・ [Gamers Limited Edition] Benefits:
Full graphic T-shirt (Picture: Enterprise)

▲ [Gamers Limited Edition] Bonus: Full Graphic T-shirt (Picture: Enterprise)

・ Bonus purchase bonus for Gamers:
A3 clear poster (Picture: Enterprise)
▲ Gamers each volume purchase privilege: A3 clear poster (Picture: Enterprise)

・ Gamers full volume linked purchase benefits:
Newly drawn storage box

▲ Gamers whole volume purchase bonus: Newly drawn whole box storage BOX

・ Manufacturer benefits:
≪First-run limited bonus≫
[Enclosed benefits]
◆ Serial code that can be used in the smartphone game “Azur Lane” (Android only)
* "Enterprise" original dressed by "Hao" teacher
▲ Serial code that can be used in the “Azur Lane” application game for smartphones (original dress-up pattern)

◆ Special booklet (20 pages)
◆ Original Soundtrack CD (1)

≪First-time and normal common benefits≫
◆ Drawing three-sided outer case
◆ Digipack specifications

▲ Development drawing

[Video benefits]
◆ Non-credit opening / ending
◆ PV collection

■ Rights notation
(C) Manjuu Co., Ltd., Yongshi Co., Ltd. & Yostar, Inc. / Animation “Azur Lane” Production Committee

* The contents are subject to change or cancellation without notice due to various circumstances.