“Edo Tokyo Akari Exhibition produced by Nippon Akari Hiro” is now being held


Sending “Japanese lighting and culture” to the world from Kanda Myojin! First experience-based exhibition

Kanda Myojin Cultural Exchange Center “EDOCCO STUDIO” (Totokanda, Chiyoda-ku) will hold “Edo Tokyo Akari Exhibition produced by Nippon Akari Hiro” from Saturday, December 7, 2019 to Sunday, February 9, 2020 Doing.

About 40 creators from all over Japan gathered for this event. Five genres such as “art”, “festival”, “design”, “craftsman”, and “technology” are brought together through “Akari” to create a new world in the historical land of Kanda Myojin.
The biggest feature of this exhibition, expressed as “art attractions,” is that it is an experiential art exhibition that combines attraction elements with art exhibitions . In addition to appreciating art works, you can proceed with the story developed by the actors and guests throwing on the art work, and the ending of the story will change depending on the guest's choice, so you can see it You can enjoy a wide variety of works and effects. In addition, theatrical guide staff will guide guests to the attraction world as story tellers. In addition, one of the features is that you can have an “analog interactive experience”, such as “ Aomori Nebuta” and other analog three-dimensional works responding to guests' throws. Is a facility that was born last year as a place of interaction to create a new culture based on the concept of “tradition × innovation”. This winter, light will be lit in this traditional place, creating new innovations.

  • Highlights ① Hands-on art exhibition with a story
  • A story unique to the power spot "Kanda Myojin" is developed along with the work. From the venue, you can hear the voice of Kira Ueno, who is labeled as a representative of Japan. While he has a reputation as a master, the “evil” label imprinted by the influence of creative stories such as “Tadashinzo” is still strong, and Kira, who was caught in the long-standing conflict, invites guests to the gates of another world The During the story, there are scenes where guests are forced to make a choice, and the outcome will change depending on the choice. Along the way, the theater staff who are active and active as actors and voice actors. Although it is an art exhibition, it is the birth of a unique “art attraction” that can be experienced like an attraction.

  • Highlight ② You can talk to the work! “Analog interactive” exhibition
  • By fusing analog technology to digital three-dimensional works, the works can have an “analog interactive” experience where the work responds to the guest's call. There is only one work that guests can enjoy free conversation with “Watercolor Motion Graphics Projected on Glass”. The voice of the graphics and actors who will be responsible for the next generation will be in charge of real-time daily. In addition, in the work of the huge “Aomori Nebuta” exceeding the height, the guest himself turns on the nebuta and the throwing of the guest affects the work. Please enjoy a space where you can experience a new “analog x digital” experience.

  • Exhibited works * Only a partial excerpt is shown
  • An exhibition zone organized according to the story. The guests who stepped into the world of the other world will encounter a strange daylight space where young youths such as the encounter with Kirano Ueno and young monsters will gather. At the end, Kira, who turned into a demon, waits, and what is the world seen by the guests who face it ?! ?

    ① Underground of Kanda Myojin
    The work of the art group “MIRRORBOWLER”, which creates a spatial work of light and reflection, emits beautiful light in a dimly lit basement. By viewing from a different perspective, a magical world of light that changes the way you see will welcome guests at the entrance.

    ②Gate of the different world
    Expressing a door that invites you to a different world that is not part of this world. The beginning of the ghost story that the light of neon awaits from now on.

    ③ Encounter with young Kira
    Don't miss the watercolor motion graphics projected on glass (the figure of young Kira) and interactive art where guests can talk in real time!

    ④ Hyakki Night Tour
    The world of Hyakki Yoko, expressed by various artists, is waiting for you as you step in. In addition to the works of cut-out artist Tetsuhei Hayakawa (Shiga Prefecture) and ghost painter Hiroyuki Mitsoo (Chiba Prefecture), a cute monster kokeshi procession created by Kokeshi writer Takatoshi Hayashi (Miyagi Prefecture) Please enjoy yourself in the mood.

    ⑤ Corridor of darkness and doubt
    If you go through the corridor with a cute monster kokeshi doll created by Kokeshi writer Takatoshi Hayashi (Miyagi Prefecture), actors who invite you to the climax will await you.

    ⑥ During the decision
    Expressing the anger of Kirano Uenosuke in the Nebuta festival, one of the traditional Japanese festivals. The story is about to end, and guests who face Kira, who has changed from anger to a demon, are forced to make serious decisions. Nobuhiro Saijo, the designer of light production, breathes into the powerful works of Nebuta teacher Haruichi Kitamura (Aomori Prefecture). A unique work that preserves tradition and incorporates various sound and light effects.

    Superb view of Ukiyo
    Hymns of Hyakki and Kirin's riots are settled, and the world of lights spreads out in silence and beautifully. Ichiyo Ikebana Ikemoto Naohiro Kajitani (Tokyo) will be on display and will send guests warmly.

  • Enjoy with your work! “Akari no Craft Cocktail Bar” opens for a limited time
  • A limited-time collaboration between Suntory, which provides Japanese craft, and this exhibition that combines Japanese crafts with Akari! In the exhibition hall, the “Akari no Craft Cocktail Bar” was born. Suntory Japanese craft cocktail that brings out the uniqueness of Japanese ingredients with the finest craftsmanship unique to Japan. You can enjoy a total of 6 types of cocktails using spirits and liqueurs that depict deep aromas and flavors.
    On the wall of the bar, there is a work by Tetsuhei Hayakawa, a paper writer who cuts out animals living on nature-rich Ibukiyama (Yonehara City, Shiga Prefecture). Spend a joyful time looking at the cut-out art with delicate work like Japanese.

    <Menu> All 6 types 500 yen each (tax included) * Business hours are based on venue time

    ・ Six soda
    Soda split of Japanese craft gin ROKU with abundant aromas born from the four seasons in Japan
    ・ White Moscow Mule
    Japanese craft vodka born from Japanese nature and craftsmanship HAKU's ginger ale split
    ・ Yamazaki roast barrel aged plum wine soda
    Luxurious plum wine soda with a long and soft finish, finished with whiskey ripe after plum wine barrels
    ・ Kana Sogo / Matcha Soda / White Peach Soda
    Various soda splits that value the characteristics of the material such as the scent of eggplant and green tea and the flesh of white peach

  • Edo Tokyo Akari Exhibition produced by Akari Hiroshi Event Overview
  • Name: Edo Tokyo Akari Exhibition produced by Akari Hiroshi
    Dates: Saturday, December 7, 2019 to Sunday, February 9, 2020
    Opening hours: Monday to Thursday 10:00 to 19:00 (Last entry 18:30)
    Fri-Sun 10: 00-20: 00 (Last entry 19:30)
    * Closed 20:00 on 2020/1/1 to 1/3 and public holidays (last admission 19:30)
    Venue: Kanda Myojin Cultural Exchange Center B1F EDOCCO STUDIO
    (16-2 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)
    Admission: 1,500 yen for general, 1,300 yen for advance sales, 1,000 yen for elementary, middle and high school students, free for preschoolers

    Organizer: CoCoRo Inc., Chiyoda Central Cultural Exchange Promotion Organization
    Support: Chiyoda Ward, Chiyoda Ward Tourism Association, Kanda Shrine
    Planning and production: Office Migot Co., Ltd.
    Planning and operation: CoCoRo Co., Ltd., Office Migot Co., Ltd., Shinhiya Co., Ltd., Ocean King Japan Co., Ltd.
    Planning cooperation: World Air Service Co., Ltd., Tobu Top Tours Co., Ltd., Miki Tourist Co., Ltd.
    URL: (Event official page) http://edotokyoakari.com
         (Japan Akari Hiroshi official page) https://migoto.co.jp/akari_kanda_2019/