Small X’mas “Miniature Exhibition” spreading over the palm of the hand 11/30 ~ Tree, Illuminations, New work exhibition in winter specification


BACON (Bekon) Co., Ltd., which handles popular photo exhibitions that mobilize 500,000 people, such as the “Nekkyo-no-ki Exhibition”, is a joint photo & merchandising exhibition “Miniatures” in the gallery “TODAYS GALLERY STUDIO” (Asakusabashi, Tokyo) World Photography Exhibition Winter “will be held for the first time on November 30 (Friday) to December 25 (Tue) in 2018. In addition to the exhibition of new works conscious of winter, miniature version illumination spot will also appear!




In this exhibition, we will exhibit for the first time such as “karuha” (@ kasuga_maru) exceeding the number of followers of more than 70,000 in Instagram, beautiful Tol paint workshop Anchante (@ atelier_enchanter) of works made with Toll paint, etc. In addition, The topics creators exhibited at SNS such as “Riko” (@ mysiderikko) exceeding 50,000 followers and the bottom salaried worker (1/ minitoru 87) of 1/87. In addition to the new work conscious of winter, three-dimensional works of miniatures will be exhibited at the same time. Most of the exhibited works are scheduled to be sold, so if you like it you can purchase it if you like it. In addition, many limited merchandise for Christmas specifications such as Hikarinohana (@ hikarino 87) popular with miniature food to be worn can also appear.
Also, we will give original Christmas card to 3,000 first-come-first-served.


■ What is “a miniature photo world exhibition”?
A miniature model made as precisely as mistaking as if it were real. In one work, the view of the world that the author stuck to details is condensed. We usually imagine only the exhibits of miniature works, but at the same time it has become even more elaborate to exhibit photographic works. I make landscapes and things I want to express with miniatures, shoot it and express it. If the model is temporally long, the picture will be an art for a moment for a moment. If I thought that it was a picture, that was a fictional world that was made. In this exhibition, photographs and three-dimensional works will be displayed at the same time, so that visitors will get lost in the world of miniatures. Also, since all shooting in the hall is OK, you can shoot from various angles, shoot one of yourself, and post it on SNS.


■ Want to eat unintentionally!? Produce valuable miniature food production movie for the first time!
In the special corner in the venue, a miniature food production movie, including fruits and baked goods produced by Sweet Palette nana, will be released for the first time! You can see the art of making miniatures.


■ “Worldwide Miniature Photography Exhibition” The original illumination spot appeared.
We will exhibit new works such as Christmas tree produced by KCFactory and Arakawa shining brilliantly. You can enjoy shooting by shooting a single piece of yourself.


■ Experience miniature production! A well-received workshop is also decided!
The workshop which was very popular at the last time held will be held on weekdays as well.


Lecturer: KCFactory
Product: Miniature Christmas lease Fee: 1,800 yen Schedule: Wednesday, December 5, Friday, Saturday, Saturday, Sunday,


Lecturer: Mori ‘s home workshop Production: Making a winter sausage garden Participation fee: 1,800 yen Schedule: Sunday, December 9th (Sunday), 12th (Wednesday), 14th (Fri), 19th (Wednesday), 21st ), 23 (Sun)


※ Please confirm the official page for details.


【Participating Artists】
■ Bottom side of 1/87 salaried worker
(Instagram @ minitoru 87: 87/)
Bottom side of Osaka residence office worker. Salary man at noon, becoming a self-styled miniature artist at night. I love miniatures & dioramas, I make funny worlds of small people everyday and am enjoying grinning. Start production of miniature art from September 2016. In this exhibition, a new work will be exhibited with the theme of “funny world of small people”.


■ This is
(Instagram @ kasuga_ maru: )
Twenty years ago, with encounters with dollhouse books, I began making small ones. Beginning with about 4 years ago, I will start giving photos of miniatures made for SNS. Unexpectedly received responses from many people, continued to make it as a force, Instagram’s followers are more than 70,000 popular.
This exhibition will be the first exhibition and the first exhibition on the theme of “smile”. Also plan to develop goods such as Christmas sweets.


■ Mori no Kobo
(Instagram @ morinoiekoubou: )
I began carving a mushroom house from a single twig, getting absorbed in making “the world of Kobitsu” unnoticedly. Mainly selling at handmade events such as design festa. This exhibition is the first exhibition on the theme of “Kobito in Kobito village”. Furthermore, we are planning to hold a workshop where you can make your own homey garden, attention!


■ Sweet Palette nana
(Instagram @ sweetpalette 75: )
In May 2005, it developed Guillain – Barre syndrome and grip strength of both hands becomes zero. Making clay is a rehabilitation of the fingers It started making miniature food. From September 2016 changed to making size free works tailored to small vessels. Now that I can not find the instrument I want to use, I went to the pottery classroom and started making miniature pottery, and the followers at Instagram are more than 40,000 popular. In this exhibition, we will not be able to overlook it because we plan to develop miniature food production videos following the previous meeting.


■ Hikarinohana
(Instagram @ hikarino 87: 87/)
Based on the concept of ‘miniature food to be worn’, using resin clay, we made accessories for food such as pierced earrings, brooches and mobile charm. In 2017 we will also sell in Taiwan. In this exhibition, Christmas ver of the most popular accessory will also be deployed.


Exhibitors were Amano Bakery, Klein Klein, Takeda Fumiko, Take Paint Studio Anchante, Bean, Rikko, Chip 2007, cococherie, flying cap, Kanaminis, KCFactory, kodamama, iketsuko, pato * patton bakery, T2 * CRAFT Other, including 20 groups planned.


【Outline of Exhibition】
Exhibition Title: “World Exhibition in Miniature Photography Winter”
Date and time of opening: Friday, November 30, 2018 – Tuesday, December 25, 11: 00 – 19: 00
Closed: Every Monday (Open on December 24 ※ No transfer)
Asakusabashi 5 – 27 – 6 Asakusabashi Taito Ward Tokyo Prefecture 111 – 0053 5F
Admission: 500 yen / admission free for adults under 3 years Exhibitor: 20 pairs (planned)
Organizer: BACON Corporation


■ BACON Co., Ltd. is proposing an exhibition plan aimed at holding and proposing high-quality exhibitions domestically and overseas, promoting activities, increasing the number of customers to attract, and improving images. Produce planning events from negotiations with writers to interior decorations, exhibition layouts, prints of works, advertisements and publicity.


Opened in Asakusabashi in July 2014. For the purpose of sending arts, I am handling numerous projects such as ‘Ambiguity ☆ Bishoujo Art Exhibition’, ‘Factory Nightscape Exhibition that I can Go to the Ruins VS to Change’, ‘Nose Pecha Exhibition’. In the 2016 GW held “Futomoto Photography World Exhibition”, more than 20,000 visitors were recorded. A representative project “cat holiday exhibition”, including regional holdings, is the most talked-about galleries in Tokyo, such as breaking through 500,000 visitors in 2 years. We opened a permanent gallery in Nagoya in September 2017. All planning and planning is done by Creative Director Hiroki Asaoka.


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