Fast food originating from the American West Coast, “Sushi Burrito” Industry’s first specialty store “beeat Sushi Burrito Tokyo”


AI decides prices and offers customers, restaurants of the future to eliminate queues from stores

YUBO Corporation will open an automation restaurant "beeat sushi burrito Tokyo (" beeat "), the first sushi burrito specialty store in the industry, on November 30, 2018 in Akihabara.

■ Japan's first specialty shop "Sushi burrito" that fused the world's food culture
Sushi Burrito is a fast food originating in the West Coast of the United States that fuses Japanese rolled sushi and Mexican burrito style. I have established a style of sushi without soy sauce, walking while eating like burrito with one hand, now spreading to Europe, Australia and the Middle East, this time it will be the first time in Japan to open as a specialized shop.

■ AI decides the price
All pricing of sushi burrito will be marked price. AI will decide the price (780 yen ~ 1,300 yen) depending on the conditions such as the material of the menu of the day and the time zone of purchase.

■ Automation restaurant that enables AI to eliminate queues from stores
There is no clerk in the shop of beeat who receives a register or order. By utilizing technology, it is possible to order and receive easily, quickly so that even a busy person can enjoy meals at once. There is no waiting time because you can know the time to be completed by pre-ordering before visiting the store, and can also specify the time.
Upon receipt, a package with a two-dimensional barcode is placed on a latticed shelf and your name is announced by AI. The interior of the store is full of light and digital directing.

■ Michelin Chef Mr. Kazuyoshi Mizuguchi supervised, sushi burrito sticking to combination with materials
Beeat's sushi burrito is made to enjoy eleven kinds of taste using various materials such as fried chicken, curry, and shrimp as well as raw fish of tuna and salmon. Under the supervision of Michelin Chef Mizuguchi Kazuyoshi, sophisticated sushi burrito that sticks to composition and materials is a taste that makes a distinction with others.

Supervised chef Mizukuchi Kazuyoshi Profile

After graduating from the Musashino cooker vocational school, to the French cuisine world.
He gained experience at a famous hotel and became a chef at age 31, slightly in 1995.

1995 Shining in the Grand Prix at "French food promotion sponsored (SOPEXA) French food contest". In 1997, he participated in the French cuisine world competition "Bocque Doll" as a representative of Japan. Since 2000 we devised a wedding cuisine based on a new concept of house wedding.

■ Store information
· Store name beeat Sushi Buritto Tokyo
· Address 5-6-2 Kamikada, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
· Business hours 11am – 15pm
· Website