To make telework convenient and keep your indoor life healthy and comfortable


-Proposed on EC site "ONKYO DIRECT" and high-resolution audio distribution service "e-onkyo music"-

In response to the spread of new coronavirus infection, we have closed the shop and showroom “ONKYO BASE” in Akihabara, Tokyo, in response to the request of refraining from going out unnecessarily. In addition, many companies, including our company, are teleworking (working from home). In this situation, our EC site "ONKYO DIRECT" and our high-resolution audio distribution service "e-onkyo" will help you to use products that are useful for teleworking and to make your time at home more comfortable. music "will be proposed.

We pray for the end of the new Coronavirus as soon as possible and for everyone's health.

1. Support for telework (work from home)
Since there are many people working from home, we propose the speakerphone "RAYZ Rally" and the wireless neck speaker "C9" that can smoothly perform WEB and conference calls. WEB / teleconference using a PC or smartphone solves problems such as the voice of the other party is difficult to hear and this voice is hard to reach.

  • RAYZ Rally
  • This product enables clear conference voice calls simply by connecting to an iPhone or PC. Since it supports Lightning connection, you can start a conference call just by connecting to iPhone. It also has a Lightning connection port, so you can charge it while charging.
    If you connect it to your PC using the Lightning-USB cable, it will work as a speaker / microphone for your PC.

    RAYZ Rally Introduction page:

  • Wireless neck speaker "C9"
  • The earphones and headsets are often used for web / teleconferencing, but the range of activities is limited by the presence of cables. The C9 is wirelessly connected via Bluetooth and can be worn around your neck, so you can use it without blocking your hands or binding your place. Not only can you hear it clearly in your ears, but you can also hear the surrounding sounds, so you can hear children's calls. You can also enjoy music without blocking your ears when walking to maintain your health.

    C9 introduction page:

    2) Support for maintaining good health and changing mood
    Since he spends less time commuting to work, he spends more time at home, and PC work over a long period of time tends to cause stress and poor physical condition. We propose to change the mood by stretching and music.

  • Stretch pillow just to sleep
  • When working from home, sitting in a sitting position causes the chest, abdomen, and hip muscles on the front of the body to contract.
    The Myodore sleep-only stretch pillow can accurately stretch the muscles on the front side that have contracted due to PC work, housework, childcare, etc. just by lying down.

    Myodore sleep pillow stretch page:

    * This product is a registered product of the Japan Myo Drainage Association and Kodansha.
    * "Myodore sleep-only stretch pillow" is a registered trademark of Japan Association of Myodorenshi and Kodansha.

  • Musical change
  • Due to the tightness, crowding, and prohibition of closeness, the refraining from sales of events, concerts, and cinemas continues. Our high-resolution distribution service "e-onkyo music" distributes music of various genres, including rock, classical, jazz, and J-POP, aiming to help you spend a lot of time at home. . We also carry out a profitable campaign, so please take advantage of this opportunity.

    e-onkyo music:

    In addition, "ONKYO DIRECT" sells devices that support high-resolution music playback and devices that allow you to enjoy movie contents such as AV receivers at home like a movie theater. please confirm.


    We also have a page that "supports teleworking", so please check it as well.

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