The CW Company, which develops izakaya such as Amataro, has set up a remote seat to connect drinking parties in [Tokyo-Osaka].


From 7/8 (Wednesday)-Amahabara in Tokyo and Akihabara and Osaka in Soemon Town will allow remote drinking among friends!

Cologide Group's Rains International/CW Company has set up a seat for remote drinking at the izakaya “Amataro” (Akihabara store, Soemon town store).

Remote drink as if to meet a friend in Osaka

In general, "remote drinking" has been attracting attention as a drinking niche tool at home, but this remote-only seat has the advantages of "remote drinking" and the synergistic effect of the services unique to the store We will operate it as a seat that supports a fun drinking party.

It costs money and labor to meet by bullet train or airplane, but if you use this remote drinking seat, you can travel between Akihabara in Tokyo and Soemon town in Osaka with friends and friends in Tokyo and Osaka You can enjoy the feeling of gathering. Of course, one person's remote drinking is also welcome. We also lend out an ipad for remote drinking. (Limited quantity)

In the past, Amaro has a wide range of low potion menus for a small number of people to eat for a small drink, making it ideal as a food for remote banquets. In the future, we plan to develop menus for customers who drink remotely.

■Best food for remote drinking
・Caesar salad bukkake Parmesan cheese [half] (599 yen excluding tax)
・Daikon mountain salad [half] (499 yen excluding tax)
・Korean salad with plenty of Korean seaweed [half] (549 yen excl tax)
・Octopus wasabi pickled (399 yen tax excluded)
・Chicken skin ponzu (399 yen tax excluded)
・Cabbage Kimchi (399 yen tax excluded)
・Semi-ripe kuntama and potato salad (399 yen tax excluded)
・Variety of skewers (sauce, salt)
Momo skewer (499 yen tax excluded), Bonjiri skewer (399 yen tax excluded)
Sand liver skewers (399 yen tax excluded), chicken skin skewers (399 yen tax excluded)
Chicken meatball skewer (499 yen tax excluded), green onion skewer (299 yen tax excluded)
・Fried fried [4 handy]
Matching, chicken breast, chicken thigh (499 yen tax excluded)
・Potato fries [Affordable 250g] (499 yen excluding tax)
・Fried cartilage (399 yen tax excluded)
・Momochi cheese potato (399 yen tax excluded)
*Prices and menu contents may vary depending on the region.

Octopus pickled in wasabi (399 yen tax excluded)

Sticky cheese potato (399 yen tax excluded)
Fried cartilage (399 yen excluding tax)
Various skewers individually (sauce, salt) Thigh skewer (499 yen excluding tax)
Deep-fried fried chicken [4 handy] Matching pieces, chicken breast, chicken thigh (499 yen tax excluded)
Potato fry [Affordable 250g] (499 yen excluding tax)
Taro's Daikon Mountain Salad [Half] (499 yen excluding tax)

Soft-boiled kuntama and potato salad (399 yen tax excluded)

■ Handmade Izakaya Amataro
The Corowide founding brand started in 1977 with a small fireside grill in Zushi.
Ingenious creative dishes, selected izakaya, and the taste of the old nostalgic dining room that you have ever eaten,
You will spend your time in a comfortable and lively space.
Number of stores: 26 stores nationwide (Kanagawa, Tokyo, Osaka, Chiba, Shizuoka, Hyogo, Hokkaido)

■Company profile
Rains International Co., Ltd./CW Company
Representative: Naoya Takahashi, Representative Director
Headquarters: 12th floor, Landmark Tower 2-2-1 Minatomirai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama City, Kanagawa 220-8112, Japan
Established: June 1987
Business Activities: Izakaya, restaurant chain centered on Japanese and Italian cuisine