“Amanatsu cafe latte / sweet summer milk” will be released on April 18 with a refreshing taste of early summer with seasonal sweet summer oranges


~ Lemon cream gellatte with a sour taste is also available ~

The specialty coffee shop “Sarutahiko Coffee” operated by Sarutahiko Coffee Co., Ltd. will release “Amanatsu Cafe Latte / Amanatsu Milk” on April 18, 2023 (Tuesday). On this occasion,
Amanatsu mandarin oranges, which are in season from March to May, are proposed in an arrangement that has never existed before! It will appear as a new type of cafe latte that creates a refreshing atmosphere reminiscent of early summer. The juicy sweetness of Amanatsu mikan and the splendid fruitiness of Sarutahiko Coffee's original espresso blend "TOKYO 'TIL INFINITY" are a perfect match. .
In addition, the freshness of citrus fruits is perfect for this season, and the new “Lemon Cream Gelato” using domestic lemons is now available. This dessert is recommended for this time of year.
In addition, hot sandwiches with “salsa meat and creamy cream cheese” will also be sold at some limited stores.

■"Amanatsu Cafe Latte/Amanatsu Milk" where you can feel the refreshing sunlight of early summer.
This year, the strawberry-flavored cafe latte / milk “Amanatsu Cafe Latte / Amanatsu Milk” with more flowers is a cup where you can enjoy a fresh combination using Amanatsu oranges and espresso. A cafe latte based on the original “Amanatsu sauce” that uses the juice and paste of Amanatsu mandarin oranges, and is a refreshing drink that is perfect for this time of year when the sun is getting a little stronger. A little bit of green tea is added as a secret ingredient, giving the sweet summer mandarin oranges a peel-like depth, and at the end, the smooth mint flavor comes out of your nose. In addition, the sweet summer powder on the topping is a flower and strawberry cafe latte that is very popular every year at Sarutahiko Coffee. It enhances the sweet and refreshing scent of sweet summer.
"Amanatsu Milk", which does not contain espresso, has little bitterness, and its gentle sweetness makes it easy to drink. The sweet and sourness of sweet summer spreads mellowly.
From now on, the temperature will rise steadily towards early summer. It is also recommended for a cup that cools down the body.

Amanatsu Cafe Latte (Hot/Iced)
Base price: ¥680 (tax included/inside), ¥668 (tax included/takeaway)

Amanatsu milk (hot/ice)
Base price: ¥650 (tax included/inside), ¥618 (tax included/takeaway)

Sales stores: All Sarutahiko Coffee stores *Excluding Mameya Annex, Okinyo Shinagawa, and Ikebukuro POPUP
Sales period: April 18, 2023 (Tuesday) to May 15, 2023 (Monday)

■ “Lemon cream gelato” with a cool transparency
A sweet and sour “Lemon Cream Gelato” that is perfect for this warm season is now available. Using domestic lemons that do not use anti-mold agents, you can enjoy the deliciousness of the whole lemon fruit because you can eat it without worrying about the skin.
A mellow and slightly sour cheese mousse and lemon jelly are combined on top of the refreshingly sweet lemon jelly. Rosemary is added to lemon jelly, mint is added to lemon jelly, and the refreshing scent of herbs is also added.
A gelato with a beautiful transparency and a refreshing appearance of early summer.

lemon cream gelato
Base price: ¥600 (tax included/in-store), ¥589 (tax included/takeaway)
Sales stores: All Sarutahiko Coffee stores
*Excluding Musashi Kosugi Store, Kanagawa Prefectural Library Store, Okinyo Shinagawa, and Ikebukuro POPUP

■Salsa Meat and Creamy Cream Cheese, a spicy Mexican hot sandwich, is on sale
The special menu, which will be on sale only at some stores, is a hot sandwich that combines spicy meat and creamy cream cheese. Spicy salsa sauce, Mexican bean dish chili con carne, meat, and 2 types of cheese (cream cheese and cheddar cheese). The moment you take a bite, the sour flavor of the salsa sauce and the rich flavor of the melted cheese are the perfect match. It looks bright and colorful, and it's satisfying to eat. It is also recommended as a simple lunchtime meal.

salsa meat and creamy cream cheese
Base price: ¥680 (tax included/in-store) ¥667 (tax included/takeaway)
Release date: 4/18 (Tue.) ~
Sales stores: Sengawa, Atre Ebisu, Musashi Kosugi, Tachikawa, Akihabara, Shimokitazawa, Nara, Taki, Harajuku, Kameido, Sendai, Library