Online store only! New Tea Time Gift Set from Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory


Let's deliver wonderful tea time to loved ones with popular cookies and original mugs

At the Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory, the new product "Teatime Gift Set" will be available only online.
We have prepared a special gift for this time only, which includes a set of 20 popular cookies and an original mug from the Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory.
The large and simple design of the mug makes it a perfect gift for birthdays, celebrations and Father's Day!
This set has a special shipping price so that it can be given to many people.
Would you like to take this opportunity to deliver a wonderful tea time to your loved ones?

◆Product overview

[Name] Tea time gift set
[Contents] 1 box containing 20 pieces of cookies, 1 original mug of Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory
[Price] 3,630 yen (tax + shipping included)
[Release Date] June 4, 2020 (Thursday) ~
[Sales] Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory Online Store Limited

◆Brand story

Carefully selected milk, good quality cheese,
Confectioners want to make sweets that only they can make using the ingredients collected from all over Japan and all over the world… Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory
Think about new material combinations
Offering surprises and delicious treats
The concept is a factory full of creativity.

It's new but nostalgic…
Unexpectedly, it's delicious!

If you eat a bite, you'll feel "excited" and "pounding"
Creating innovative sweets one after another
Tokyo milk cheese factory.

If you find a shop near you, make sure to stop by,
Please find your favorite sweets.

◆ Product introduction

・Salt & Camembert cookies
These cookies are made from fresh domestic milk and French Guérand salt and sandwiched with Camembert cheese chocolate plates.

10 pieces 972 yen (tax included)
20 pieces 1,944 yen (tax included)

・Strawberry & milk tea cookies
The crispy strawberry dough is sandwiched with milk tea flavored chocolate with cheese hidden in it. It is a gem that complements the sweet and sour taste of strawberry and the gentle taste of milk tea.

10 pieces 972 yen (tax included)

・Tokyo milk cheese factory original mug
An original mug with the logo of the Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory on the ivory body.
Since it has a simple design, it can be used by people of all ages. Recommended for birthday gifts and gifts for those who are looking after you.

1 piece 1,320 yen (tax included)

◆Store information

・Haneda Airport 1st Passenger Terminal Store [First Passenger Terminal 2F Special Western Confectionery]
Business hours 6:00 to 20:00

・Haneda Airport Terminal 2 Store [2nd Passenger Terminal 2F Tokyo Shokuhinkan Clock Tower No. 3]
Business hours 5:45 to 20:30

・Haneda Airport Terminal 2 PIER Gate 63 store
Business hours 6:00 to 20:00

・Tokyo Station Ecute Keiyo Street Store [Tokyo Station 1F Keiyo Street]
Business hours 8:00~22:00

・Shibuya Station Tokyu Toyoko Store Tokyu Food Show Store [Tokyu Food Show West Building B1F]
Business hours 10:00~21:00

・LUMINE Shinjuku store [Shinjuku LUMINE1B2F]
Business hours 10:00~22:00

・LUMINE Tachikawa store [LUMINE Tachikawa B2F]
Business hours 10:00 to 21:00 *Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 10:00 to 20:30

・Atre Kichijoji store [Atre Kichijoji 1F]
Business hours 10:00~21:00

・Tokyo Solamachi store [Tokyo Solamachi Tower Yard 2F No. 6]
Business hours 10:00~21:00

・LUMINE Ogikubo store [LUMINE Ogikubo 1F]
Business hours 10:00~21:00

・EQUiA Kitasenju store [EQUiA Kitasenju in Kitasenju station yard]
Business hours from 10:00 to 21:00 (open daily)

・Atre Akihabara 1 store [Atre Akihabara 1 store 1F]
Business hours: 10:00~21:00

・LUMINE Omiya store [LUMINE Omiya 2 1F]
Business hours: 10:00~21:00

*Business hours may change.

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