“East Japan Hotel Mets” at the hotel near the station is available in your office space ~STATION WORK members limited special campaign fee 1,150 yen (tax excluded)~


○East Japan Railway Company and Nippon Hotel Co., Ltd. will implement a plan for members of the station Naka Share Office “STATION WORK” to use hotel rooms in half-day units from June 19, 2020.

○ For each plan, you can use it as a special campaign with 50% OFF of the usage fee until July 31, 2020. "AM business" 1,150 yen (tax excluded), "PM business" 1,600 yen (tax excluded), you can use JR East Hotel Mets near the station at a very reasonable price.

○ We are equipped with Wi-Fi, an air purifier with a humidifying function, a mobile charger, etc. to provide an optimal space for business use.

1. Overview

*1 The special charge is for use on July 31st. After August 1, it will be provided at the "use fee". The number of rooms is limited. Special charges may end without notice.
*2 Bedding, bath, toilet, washbasin, and towels are not provided for "AM business", "PM business", and "1day business" in order to concentrate on the work at a reasonable price. Please use the common areas of the hotel for toilets. The prices for each plan may change without notice.
*3 The end date of this plan may change without notice.

▲ JR East Hotel Mets Gotanda
▲ JR East Hotel Mets Koenji

▲Room image

2. How to Use
Just like each part of STATION WORK, you can make a reservation from the dedicated website ( https://www.stationwork.jp/ ) after member registration.

3. About JR East Hotel Mets
Under the concept of "Breath of high quality," the "Station Station Hotel" ( https://www.hotelmets.jp/ ) has 28 facilities centered around the Tokyo area. The following 5 facilities with excellent access can be used as "STATION WORK".

JR-East Hotel Mets Shibuya
(1 minute walk from JR Shibuya Station New South Exit)

JR-East Hotel Mets Akihabara
(1 minute walk from JR Akihabara Station Electric Town ticket gate (west exit))

JR-East Hotel Mets Gotanda
(1 minute walk from East Exit of JR Gotanda Station)

JR-East Hotel Mets Koenji
(1 minute walk from the north exit of JR Koenji Station)

JR-East Hotel Mets Yokohama Tsurumi
(1 minute walk from East Exit of JR Tsurumi Station)

This is a station-naka share office business by JR East with the concept of "cherishing the "1 second" of the worker". It is used by as many as 22,000 individual members and about 50 corporate members (as of May 2020).
There are 11 locations including "STATION BOOTH" and "STATION DESK", and there are 16 locations including "JR East Hotel Mets" where STATION WORK is available. By fiscal 2020, we have set a goal of expanding to 30 locations.

▲ STATION WORK development MAP