[“Meat lottery” and limited menu appeared] At the yakiniku restaurant “USHIHACHI” where you can enjoy carefully selected Kuroge Wagyu beef at a reasonable price, a special GW project “GYUU WEEK!!!” will be held from April 28 (Friday)!


[Limited time: 4/28 (Friday) – 5/10 (Wednesday)] Chance to win luxurious meat for everyone who visits!

Partners Dining Co., Ltd., a business company of GYRO HOLDINGS Co., Ltd., which operates about 200 domestic stores, 2 overseas stores, and about 90 restaurants, will open a restaurant on April 28 ( From Friday), we will hold a special GW project [GYUU WEEK!!!] for a limited time.

  • The world is Golden Week, USHIHACHI is "GYUU WEEK!!!"

  • At USHIHACHI, we will conduct a [meat lottery] for all customers who visit us during the period.

    For the 1st prize, we invite one person to the popular No. 1 “Ushihachi course”. This is a recommended course with 100% satisfaction guaranteed, with 10 dishes including carefully selected Kuroge Wagyu beef, the ultimate high-grade salted tongue, and 3-second broiled fatty meat. The second prize is the rare part "Chateaubriand". Characterized by fine marbling and sweet fat, you can enjoy the ultimate softness and umami. The 3rd prize is the soft “special loin” with its beautiful marbling, and the 4th prize is the “ultimate premium salted pork tongue” that has been researched and researched in pursuit of its deliciousness. In addition, the 5th class is a "one drink service", but you can choose not only soft drinks, but also wine Heartleaf Cabernet Shiraz (red), which goes well with meat. *1

    Also, there is a mistake, but this is a gift of "mini pudding" that you want to eat after eating. It is a very profitable [meat lottery] without an empty lottery.

    In addition to the [meat lottery], [GYUU WEEEK!!! limited menu] will also appear at the target store *2! You can only eat it during this period, such as "1 piece!! Bone-in ribs" with excellent bone surroundings, and "Umauma yukke", which uses domestic horse thigh meat and is combined with Beef 8's special yukke sauce. We have prepared a limited menu of a total of 5 items that can not be done.
    Please enjoy USHIHACHI's "GYUU WEEK!!!" during Golden Week, when there are more opportunities to gather with friends as well as family meals.

    *1…Some products such as bottled wine and Hakkaisan are not eligible.
    *2: Excludes Ueno and Shibuya stores.

  • “Meat lottery” overview

  • ■ Period: April 28 (Friday) to May 10 (Wednesday), 2023
    ■ Target: All customers who visit the store (*During the period, you can withdraw as many times as you like each time you visit the store)
    ■ Target stores: All stores (12 stores)
    Gyu 8 Kinshicho Store/USHIHACHI Shibuya Store/USHIHACHI Kiba Store/USHIHACHI Ueno Store/USHIHACHI Musashikosugi Store/USHIHACHI Shinagawa Konan Exit Store/USHIHACHI Futako Tamagawa Store/USHIHACHI Azamino Store/USHIHACHI Aobadai Store/USHIHACHI Mizonokuchi Store/USHIHACHI Gotanda Store/ USHIHACHI Akihabara store Benefits

  • I can only eat this period! GW limited menu list

  • Implemented stores: Gyu 8 Kinshicho store / USHIHACHI Kiba store / USHIHACHI Musashi Kosugi store / USHIHACHI Shinagawa Konanguchi store / USHIHACHI Futako Tamagawa store / USHIHACHI Azamino store / USHIHACHI Aobadai store / USHIHACHI Mizonokuchi store / USHIHACHI Gotanda store / USHIHACHI Akihabara store

    (Left) Tan 3WAY…¥1,290 (¥1,419 including tax)
    An assortment of carefully cut rare cuts of "beef tongue" where you can enjoy 3 different textures. I can't stand tongue lovers ♪
    (Right) Umauma "yukke"…¥1,290 (¥1,419 with tax)
    Uses domestic horse thigh meat. Goes great with beef 8's special yukke sauce. A gem that is unbearable for those who love it!!

    (Left) One piece!! Kalbi on the bone…¥1,290 (¥1,419 with tax)
    A gem where you can know that the area around the bone is the most delicious!! It is recommended to eat it by grilling it properly!
    (Middle) Thick diced ribs…¥990 (¥1,089 with tax)
    A dice-cut product made from plate fingers. Roll it around and bake it and eat it!!
    (Right) Harami and Sagari 2WAY…¥1,290 (¥1,419 including tax)
    Assortment of 2 types of diaphragm abdomen and back. It is a popular cut that the more you chew, the more flavor comes out.


  • USHIHACHI is Japan's number one yakiniku specialty restaurant where you can enjoy carefully selected Kuroge Wagyu beef at an affordable price. USHIHACHI's philosophy is to provide high-quality and delicious yakiniku at a reasonable price, and we only use carefully selected Kuroge Wagyu beef. In addition, we have prepared a casual and stylish space so that you can use it in various situations such as friends, family, and lovers. We promise to impress you after your meal with overwhelming "cost performance".

    List of USHIHACHI stores (12 stores in total)
    ・Ushi8 Kinshicho ・USHIHACHI Shibuya ・USHIHACHI Kiba ・USHIHACHI Ueno ・USHIHACHI Musashikosugi ・USHIHACHI Shinagawa Konanguchi ・USHIHACHI Futakotamagawa ・USHIHACHI Azamino ・USHIHACHI Aobadai・USHIHACHI Akihabara store

  • Company Profile

    With a vision of “creating the future with food,” we aim to solve food-related issues and make the world a little richer by widely providing services with originality and overwhelmingly high added value through food.
    Under its umbrella, it has operating companies subLime Co., Ltd., Partners Dining Co., Ltd., TKS Co., Ltd., Gyu no Tatsujin Co., Ltd., Egrant Corporation, and Five. , Western-style restaurants, beer gardens, Japanese-style restaurants, high-end restaurants, and more than 90 brands of restaurants.

    Company profile Trade name: GYRO HOLDINGS Co., Ltd. Representative: Juichi Nemoto, President and CEO Location: Shinjuku JEC Building 4F, 7-22-43 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0023
    Established: June 2006 Capital: 30 million yen Business description: Provision of food-related services (1. Restaurant management 2. Independent support 3. FC store support)
    URL: https://gyro.holdings

    Restaurants that embody the charm of "eating out", such as local bars such as Partners Dining "Kita no Kazoku" and "Shikoku Sakaba", and specialty restaurants that specialize in one ingredient such as "Okaka" and "Shingaya Kurobe". Expand. Recently, we have launched many delicious, fun and thrilling experiences that will make you feel the joy of "eating out" again, such as "all-you-can-eat salmon" and "development of products using local ingredients". .

    Company profile Trade name: Partners Dining Co., Ltd. Representative: Koji Saito, President and CEO Location: Shinjuku JEC Building 4F, 7-22-43 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0023
    Established: January 2006 Capital: 50 million yen
    Business description: Restaurant business
    URL: https://www.partners-dining.co.jp/