Free service of “domestic sea urchin” with yakiniku “master of beef”! We will hold the Ox Year Fair for a limited time.


Rich domestic sea urchin comes with the menu and course of the beef master at the same price.

The master of beef Co., Ltd., which has the concept of "enjoying the original taste of A5 rank Japanese black beef with grilled meat," is the year of the ox once every 12 years, and this year 2021 which is the 25th anniversary of its founding. We pray that the year will be a good year for everyone, and we will hold an event called "Ox Year Fair" where you can enjoy domestic sea urchin for free for a limited time from today until the end of January.

  • Overview of the Ox Year Sea Urchin Fair
  • Period: January 5, 2021 (Tuesday) -January 31, 2021 (Sunday)
    Implementation store: All 3 stores of beef masters
    Contents: We will arrange 3 items of "Gokumi Roast", "Wagyu Grip" and "Seafood Wagyu Yukhoe" into a special menu where you can taste "domestic sea urchin" at the same price.
    Also, even if you order the course, "Japanese sea urchin" is included free of charge with "Wagyu Grip" and "Seafood Wagyu Yukhoe".
    Please check the website below for the course.

  • Best! Domestic Bafununi
  • Domestic bahununi

    The sea urchins that you can enjoy at the "Ox Year Fair" are Bafun sea urchins from Hokkaido and Sanriku.
    It has a strong sweetness and a rich taste, and is highly regarded as the most delicious domestic sea urchin.
    It has no alum odor and tastes great when eaten with seafood yukhoe or wagyu beef nigiri.

  • Guide in a completely private room
  • As a cow master, we will guide you in a "completely private room".
    You can enjoy yakiniku with your loved ones without worrying about the surroundings and stress-free.
    In addition, the latest "smokeless roaster" is used, and it is said that it is effective as a countermeasure against the new coronavirus because it is eaten with constant exhaust.

    * We will take all possible measures against the new coronavirus, put the safety of our customers first, avoid the three crowds by ventilation, etc., and thoroughly manage the physical condition of employees, so you can rest assured. I think

  • 25 years since the founding of "Cow Master", "Commitment" that has not changed
  • Commitment 1: Yakiniku experience to eat with "rock salt"
    In order to taste the original taste of meat, the meat is Himalayan because you can feel the difference in taste of each part of Wagyu beef, which is eaten with "rock salt" instead of "sauce", the sweetness of fat and the high-quality taste of lean meat. We are enjoying it with the rock salt plate produced. This is the "new sensation yakiniku" advocated by the master of beef, where you can relax and enjoy the special yakiniku with wine and cheese.

    Commitment 2: Pairing of discerning ingredients and wine
    Among the masters of cows, many masters of food are involved. Beef is a meat association that is directly connected to producers, seafood is a director of the Tsukiji association, cheese is a director of the cheese association, and wine is supported by professionals on the road, including senior sommeliers dedicated to three famous importers. I will.

    Commitment 3: Carefully selected purchasing routes
    Since the predecessor who worked for a trading company in the major meat industry for more than 40 years purchases by its own direct route by establishing a strong relationship of trust with various parts of the meat industry, it is necessary to stably purchase only the highest quality meat. Can be done.

  • EC (mail order) is also underway
  • Even in the situation where you can't eat yakiniku at the restaurant, many people have said that you want to eat delicious yakiniku, and the desire to give gifts to your loved ones remains the same. Under the theme of "#Meat relay that connects feelings", we will sell a set of "Beef at home" so that you can experience the yakiniku of a beef master who "gets the original taste of meat with yakiniku" at home. We are doing it.

    For details, please see the "mail order site" below.
    ・ Beef videos at home

  • Overview of "Cow Master"
  • ■ List of beef master stores (3 stores in total)
    ・ Akihabara store [Completely private room]
    ・ Private Shinjuku Main Store [Completely Private Room]
    ・ Private Nishi-Shinjuku store [Completely private room]

    ■ Company profile
    Trade name: Beef Master Co., Ltd.
    Representative: Naoto Horie, President and CEO
    Location: 〒160-0023
    7-22-43 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Shinjuku JEC Building 4F
    Established: November 2011
    Business description: Operation of a yakiniku restaurant
    Capital: 15 million yen
    Mail order site: