“VR Kaleshi” Collaboration Cafe & Experience Meeting will be held at STELLAMAP Cafe from February 8 to February 9


■ “VR kareshi” collaboration cafe & experience meeting will be held at STELLAMAP Cafe from February 8 to February 9. We are accepting advance reservations from the site.
IVR (SYS, Inc.) will launch a Valentine’s collaboration cafe and experience party for the “VR Kaleshi,” a love app game for women created using the latest VR technology , from February 8 to February 9, Akihabara Will be held at STELLAMAP Cafe in Tokyo .


The STELLAMAP Cafe is decorated with a Valentine-inspired decor, and you can enjoy original food and drinks that appear in the game. Also, if you order the original menu, you will get “Original Novelty”.

At the VR experience corner on the same floor, you can experience the VR Kaleshi chest VR situation on a first-come, first-served basis.

* Experience contents are the same as “VR Kaleshi TGS2019 version”, and the contents are as follows.



  • Yoshimasa Hosoya (as Akito)-Because of Haruo …
  • Shotaro Morikubo (as Soma)-Blessing on the piano
  • Chihiro Suzuki (Yu)-Hospitality Birthday
  • Keiji Fujiwara (as Yosuke)-Two-person consultation

[VR Kaleshi x STELLAMAP Cafe Valentine Collaboration Cafe & Experience Session Overview]
◆ Period: Saturday, February 8, 2020-Sunday, February 9, 2020 10:15-20:00
◆ Location: STELLAMAP Cafe (Sofmap AKIBA No. 1 Store, 1-10-8 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 7F, Hiraoka Building)
◆ Detailed site: https://www.sofmap.com/tenpo/stellamap/collabo/vrkareshi2002.html
◆ Reservation page: https://www.tablecheck.com/shops/stellamap/reserve?menu_items[]=5e2a6f2e5f6ddfa4c9000c14

◆ Cafe time schedule (2/8, 2/9) ・ 2nd 11:30-12:30

・ 1st 10:15-11:15
・ 2nd 11:30-12:30
・ 3rd 12:45-13:45
・ 4th 14:00-15:00
・ 5th 15:15-16:15
・ 6th 16:30-17:30
・ 7th 17:45-18:45
・ The 8th 19:00-20:00

◆ Timetable of the experience session ・ The first 10:45-11:10
・ 2nd 12:00-12:30
・ 3rd 13:15-13:45
・ 4th 14:30-15:00
・ 5th 15:45-16:15
・ 6th 17:00-17:30
・ 7th 18:15-18:45
・ The 8th 19:30-20:00
* It is not allowed to use only VR experience (cafe use is required)


[Valentine Collaboration Cafe Original Menu]

[Food menu order privilege]
If you order the food menu “Kurowanko eShop Valentine’s Surprise to him (Napolitan)” and “Kurowanco eShop Valentine’s Surprise to him (Gato Chocolat)”, you will receive a “Kurowanko eShop purchase privilege” on a first-come, first-served basis.
* “Kurowanko eShop purchase privilege” will be handed one piece at random, all 4 types * It will end as soon as it is gone ※ “Kurowanko eShop purchase privilege” will be 1 DECO chocolate, 1 magnet for after use It will be a four-piece set of message card to customer “Kaleshi”


[Drink menu order privilege]
When you order a drink menu, you will receive a random heart-shaped coaster.


[Participation privilege of the experience meeting]

All visitors to the event will receive a specially redesigned handbag, Hacosco Haruo coaster Haruo acrylic charm, and one Valentine special message card (5 types).

[Various official SNS accounts]


VR boyfriend

■ Twitter
・ VR Kaleshi Official Twitter (@vrkareshi_IVR)
・ VR boyfriend producer (@KimiakiMochida)
■ Facebook
■ Instagram


■ Twitter

・ @SofmapCafe
[Introduction of VR boyfriend products]

■ Kareshi’s latest VR technology will be released in early 2020 with the VR game for women, “VR Kaleshi” ( http://vrkareshi.jp/ ). Utilizing the 3D character modeling and character making technologies that IVR excels in, this is the only female romance game app that allows you to enjoy your own love with Kalesi.


■ Heavy love story and sticking VR scene This work is produced so that you can enjoy the rich adult love story. The VR scene currently has more than two and a half hours, and more will be added in the future. Now, you can enjoy the realism that you can only experience with VR boyfriend.


■ The overwhelming high quality platform will be available for iOS and Android. We make the most of drawing ability with smartphone and express beautiful mobile 3D graphic character which is unprecedented in the world.


■ The ultimate make-up system, with a hair- making system, hair color, skin color, muscle mass, clothing and a male character creation system with overwhelming flexibility. You can enjoy romance with your own original boyfriend who has various appearances.


■ Product Overview
Title VR boyfriend
Genre Love VR Communication
Compatible models iOS / Android / both compatible
Price basic play free (item charge system)
Distribution and Development Co., Ltd. (IVR)
Delivery date scheduled for early 2020
Official HP http://vrkareshi.jp/
Official Twitter https://twitter.com/vrkareshi_ivr
Official Instagram https://www.instagram.com/vr_kareshi/
Official Facebook http://vrkareshi.jp/


■ Game screen

* The screen is under development.


■ Appearance character


Akito Honami (cv: Yoshimasa Hosoya)
* Name and appearance can be changed.


Souma Shirakawa (cv: Shotaro Morikubo)
* Name and appearance can be changed.

Yu Kusunoki (cv: Chihiro Suzuki)
* Name and appearance can be changed.

Yousuke Yamashiro (cv: Keiji Fujiwara)
* Name and appearance can be changed.