Magnesium diaphragm BA, new custom in-ear monitor that can also select “T2” connector made by Estrone, and collaboration model with popular animation “Girls & Panzer Final Chapter” will be on sale for a limited time


In the custom in-ear monitor category, Onkyo Co., Ltd. has evolved the sound quality of the current model with the "Series M" equipped with a balanced armature driver (hereinafter referred to as "BA driver") that uses a magnesium diaphragm developed by us, and made it customizable. We will release a collaboration model of two new series of expanded "Series J" and the popular anime "Girls & Panzer Final Chapter * 1" for a limited time. In addition, ear molds can be collected at approximately 220 stores of Aigan Co., Ltd.

The "Series M" is equipped with a BA driver that uses a magnesium diaphragm developed by our company. Magnesium is "highly rigid" by special surface treatment technology, and the "high vibration absorption" peculiar to the material is maximized. We deliver smooth and faithful sound reproduction, and natural sound that does not get tired of listening. In addition, the T2 connector made by Estrone, which has excellent antiperspirant and cable insertion / removal resistance, is used to improve reliability and support the customer's audio life.

This collaboration model has a lineup of 15 models including 5 models of the Tank Road Federation in addition to the 10 teams that are expected to fight fiercely in the "Girls und Panzer Final Chapter", and you can select the desired model on the left and right. Is possible. On the design side, the school emblem of each team was engraved, and both the face plate and shell were finished in their own image colors. The 5 models of the Tank Road Federation are also engraved with the Tank Road Federation mark and finished in each tank color. In addition, an original special case in collaboration with the popular domestic bag maker "VanNuys * 2" is included. The package is an original specification with illustrations drawn for this model.

* 1 Girls und Panzer
A heartful tank that depicts the struggles of high school girls aiming to win the national tank road tournament, set in a world where the martial arts "tank road" using tanks is regarded as a favorite of Yamato nadeshiko along with flower arrangement and tea ceremony. ·story! is.

* 2 Vannize Co., Ltd.
A popular domestic bag maker whose concept is "functionality, practicality, durability, and bags are practical products / it is definitely better to look good after using them." Started with the brand name of the airport in Van Nuys, California.
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■ Sales location
① ONKYO BASE (Our showroom and shop in Akihabara, Tokyo)
* Ear type collection at ONKYO DIRECT is available at each "Aigan of Glasses" stores nationwide. A work fee of 6,600 yen (tax included) is required to collect ear molds. The work cost will be paid at the "Aigan of Glasses" store separately from the cost of the custom in-ear monitor itself.

* Please check if you can collect ear molds before visiting a store near you.
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■ Collecting ear molds with "Aigan of glasses"
Custom IEMs are tailored to your ear shape. For this reason, until now, it was mainly limited to the metropolitan area.

In partnership with Aigan Co., Ltd., you can collect ear molds at the nearby "Aigan of Glasses", which has about 220 stores nationwide. The store sells not only eyeglasses but also hearing aids, and experienced staff will manufacture custom IEMs based on ear patterns tailored to each customer.

■ "Aigan of glasses" ear type collection store details

■ Main features of Girls und Panzer custom in-ear monitor
○ Drivers can be selected from a total of 6 types, 3 types of M series and 3 types of J series.
○ Uses Estrone cable with excellent strength
○ Connector can be selected from two types, MMCX and Estrone T2 connector.
○ You can choose your desired design from all 15 types.
* Example: Right side = Oarai Girls'Academy / Left side = Kuromorimine Girls' Academy
* You cannot choose the combination of face plate and shell color.
○ Van Nuys original case is included
○ Original package of newly drawn illustrations

■ Lineup (15 types in total)

■ Illustration drawn

■ Attached special case & package

[Sales details]
■ Reservation method: Reservation on the online shopping site ONKYO DIRECT
■ Reservation period: From September 14, 2020 (Monday) 15:00 to March 12, 2021 (Friday) 15:00
■ Product shipping: After the ear mold arrives at the factory, it will be shipped within the standard delivery time of 60 days (approximate).
* Delivery may be delayed due to unavoidable circumstances.
* Some days are not included in business days such as the year-end and New Year holidays and weekends and holidays.
■ Publisher: Onkyo Co., Ltd.
■ Selling price

Product name

Model name

Selling price (tax included)

Sales period

Girls und Panzer

Custom in-ear monitor


104,280 yen

From 15:00 on Monday, September 14, 2020

Friday, March 12, 2021 15:00


126,280 yen


170,280 yen


93,280 yen


115,280 yen


159,280 yen

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