[Free shipping x Over-the-counter price] Group order-specialized food delivery “Boku Deli” has been released! Let’s support restaurants in Corona’s predicament with large orders


Our food delivery that both restaurants and users are happy with

Nijuuni Co., Ltd. is a food delivery service "Boku Deli" ( https: //) that allows you to order in bulk with your family, friends, and colleagues through the LINE Group in order to support restaurants that are in trouble due to the effects of the new coronavirus. bokudeli.jp ) has been released. For restaurants, "large orders" are "lowest service fees in the industry", and for users, "free shipping" and "over-the-counter price". Both restaurants and users will be happy with food delivery. At the same time as starting the service in the Akihabara / Asakusabashi / Okachimachi area, we will widely solicit free store listing applications from stores nationwide.

■ Development background

Due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, restaurants are in a catastrophic situation with a sharp drop in sales. Under such circumstances, the number of shops that are trying to secure sales and profits by utilizing food delivery services is increasing, but many of the existing services have a structure that makes it difficult to generate profits, such as commissions of 30-40%. In addition to shipping and usage fees, users also bear the "high product price" that restaurants have to raise in order to secure profits, making it difficult to use on a daily basis. ..
By ordering my deli together with my family, friends, and colleagues in the LINE group to improve delivery efficiency, restaurants receive orders for "large orders" at the "lowest service fee in the industry," and users receive "free shipping." We have realized a food delivery service that is good for both restaurants and users, who can order at "over-the-counter prices" .
We aim to be a service that can contribute as much as possible to the preservation of Japanese food culture by keeping the restaurant business alive in Corona, where the future is completely uncertain.

■ How to use my deli

① Access https://line.me/R/ti/p/@bokudeli and add "My Deli" as a friend
② Invite family members and colleagues who order delivery together to the LINE group with my deli
③ Send location information in the LINE group and display a list of shops and menus that can be ordered on chat.
Group members simply select the menu they want to eat and "add to cart"
④ Once everyone has added it to the cart, the group representative will complete the order by entering the delivery address, delivery date and time, etc.
⑤ The shop staff will deliver it by your own delivery!
* When "Add to cart", get 2 full-width characters / 4 half-width characters for the LINE name. By having the name written on the container, it will be easier to understand who ordered the product when it was delivered. (Example: Yasukawa → Yasu, Naohiro → Nao)
* How to use video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8lKznqVKcqc

■ Service started in Akihabara / Asakusabashi / Okachimachi area!

We have you participate in a variety of delicious shops in Akihabara / Asakusabashi / Okachimachi. For those who live in the area, those who work, please use the free shipping and over-the-counter food delivery.

  • Curry Geek (4 ~): http://curry-geek.com/
  • Honest (5 pieces ~): http://a-honest.com/
  • Tontontei (10 pieces ~): https://tabelog.com/tokyo/A1310/A131001/13088261/
  • AMOAKO cafeteria (3 pieces ~): https://www.instagram.com/amoako_foodtruck/
  • Tensho (4 pieces ~): https://www.tenmasa.tokyo/
  • Tucano Grill Akihabara Yodobashi Store (5 pieces ~): https://www.pj-partners.com/restaurant/ta1/
  • ■ Characteristics of my deli (for restaurants considering introduction)
    1. Set the minimum order quantity to win large orders:
    By setting the "minimum order quantity" to accept orders and acquiring large orders from office workers and family members, it is possible to improve delivery efficiency and directly link to sales profit.

    2. Industry's lowest service fee:
    Most food deliveries have a structure that makes it difficult to make a profit, with a commission of 30-40%. I will challenge the industry's lowest service fee of 7% (+ settlement fee of 3.6%) so that I can support restaurants that are in trouble as much as possible. In addition, as of January 2021, all fees and publication fees can be used free of charge.

    3. Free shipping and over-the-counter price:
    Free shipping makes it easy for users to order. Also, one of the reasons why food delivery is avoided is that the price setting is higher than in stores. We ask that you set the price at the store so that you can use it on a daily basis. Transform your food delivery with high shipping / handling / pricing and cost.

    4. Safe and secure self-delivery:
    You can deliver it safely and securely by self-delivery without going through someone you do not know. In addition, "minimum order quantity", "delivery distance (radius km)", "delivery time (two-part system)", and "order deadline (same day / previous day / two days before)" can be freely set for each store. For example, before lunch opens or during idle time, please deliver as much as the store can.

    5. Can be introduced at restaurants in any area of the country:
    Since we will respond by self-delivery, it is possible to post restaurants not only in urban areas but also in any area of the country.
    If you apply, we will make it publicly available. Please apply for store listing as soon as possible.
    Click here for details on store listing application: https://bokudeli.jp/entry

    ■ #Store listing request
    Currently, I can use my deli only in the limited area of Akihabara / Asakusabashi / Okachimachi. Therefore, we will implement SNS measures of "#store listing request" so that more people can support more stores.
    ① Find the SNS account (Twitter / Instagram / Facebook) of the store you want to post on my deli.

    (2) Tag the store's SNS account and post your passion with the hashtag #Store listing request.
    "I want you to deliver it to that store in our town for free! I want to support you with large orders!" Please tell the store directly through SNS.
    Click here for details of the store listing request: https://bokudeli.jp/request

    ■ About prevention of infection spread
    I believe that it is possible to avoid eating at eat-in, which is visited by an unspecified number of people, and it is also a measure to prevent the spread of infection. However, please be aware of infection control when you eat with people you normally interact with, such as family members and colleagues. In addition to washing your hands and gargling, please avoid short-distance conversations during meals as much as possible.

    ■ Outline of "My Deli"

    Name: Group order-specialized food delivery "My Deli"
    Release Date: January 21, 2021
    Target area: Akihabara / Asakusabashi / Okachimachi area (planned to be expanded nationwide)
    Shipping fee: Free
    Delivery support: Self-delivery by store
    Store costs: 7% service fee + 3.6% settlement fee (free as of January 2021)
    Intellectual property rights: Patent pending for ordering system in group chat
    URL: https://bokudeli.jp/
    Add LINE friends: https://line.me/R/ti/p/@bokudeli

    ■ Company profile

    Company name: Nijuuni Co., Ltd.
    Location: 3 Fujisoft Akihabara Building, 3 Kanda Neribeicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 12F
    Representative: Naohiro Yasukawa
    Established: February 22, 2019
    URL: https://nijuni.jp/
    Vision: make 22nd century happy. Make the Nijuuni century happy Mirai
    Business: Planning, development and operation of services aimed at solving social issues