The best sports Kanda Akihabara store will open in Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo on May 25th (Tuesday) with an assortment of sports bikes such as folding bikes, mini velo, and cross bikes that can be used for both everyday use and leisure!


Global Connection Co., Ltd., which imports and sells leisure sports equipment, will open a directly managed store [Best Sports Kanda Akihabara Store] from 11:00 on May 25 (Tuesday).

Folding bike / mini velo / lifestyle bike specialty store "Best Sports Kanda Akihabara"

Best Sports is a bicycle specialty store that treats bicycles as outdoor activities and leisure activities and proposes them as a lifestyle. DAHON, a pioneer brand of world-famous folding bikes, and Tern, which has evolved from DAHON, specializes in folding and mini-bello bicycles, and custom parts and related items. We have a wide range of products.

In addition, FUJI, which boasts a history of 120 years from 2021, and BRUNO, a mini velo brand that is popular among women with its fashionable design, have started to handle a wider range of products.
As for parts and accessories, not only genuine DAHON and Tern, but also brands such as ABUS and TOPEAK are increasing, and we will respond to customer requests that could not be realized until now.

With the growing need for bicycles as a means of transportation in the corona era, we will propose one that suits your lifestyle as a companion who enjoys "moving".

We display a wide range of models, from models that can be comfortably used for commuting to work and school, to models for sports cycling and outdoor activities, and also have a large number of optional parts and accessories, so you can enjoy full-scale custom to loose fashion custom. We will provide a place where you can enjoy it.

■ Communication by LINE official account
You can make inquiries via LINE chat by registering your LINE official account for Best Sports as a friend. It is possible to consult with professional staff with photos and videos not only before purchase but also after purchase.

・ Best Sports LINE Official Account

■ Coordination between delivery orders and online stores
In addition to taking out the purchased bicycle on the day, we also offer a delivery service that delivers only folding bicycles to your home by courier.

In cooperation with the online store, if you can select over-the-counter receipt from the order at the online store, you can also receive over-the-counter receipt where the specialized staff can explain how to use it and consult with you about customizing.

■ Opening campaign
Campaign period: May 25th (Tuesday) -June 29th (Tuesday)

<Campaign ①>
A novelty gift for car body purchasers.
・ DAHON / Tern limited novelty gift

  1. DAHON: Cycle cap
  2. DAHON: Bottle gauge (3 colors)
  3. Tern: Frame hinge lever type bottle opener
  4. Tern: Stainless straw

* It may end as soon as the stock runs out.

<Campaign ②>
We have prepared a special set that is only available at the Kanda Akihabara store.

Special set limited sale: 10 units each
1. 1. DAHON K3 special set
set content:
DAHON K3 body + stand (genuine or other manufacturer's product) + SLIP BAG mini (genuine wheel bag)
86,000 yen including tax (about 15% off the manufacturer's suggested retail price) * Including maintenance costs
* It may be ordered depending on the stock status.

2. DAHON Route special set
set content:
DAHON Route body + EZ BASKET (genuine front basket) + SLIP BAG 20 "(genuine wheel bag)
57,000 yen including tax (about 15% off the manufacturer's suggested retail price) * Including maintenance costs
* It may be ordered depending on the stock status.

■ Shop information
[Store name]
BEST SPORTS Kanda Akihabara store

2-5-12 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Takara Building 1F

【phone number】
* After May 25

【business hours】
11: 00-20: 00

Regular holiday: Every Wednesday

■ Best sports store information
BEST SPORTS Shinjuku Marui Main Building
BEST SPORTS Tobu Ikebukuro store
BEST SPORTS Daimaru Umeda

Shop information details:

■ Best sports online shop information
Best Sports Main Store:
Best Sports Rakuten Ichiba Store:
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■ Company profile
Global Connection Co., Ltd.
Location: 3-14-66 Shimoniikura, Wako City, Saitama Prefecture 351-0111
Representative Director: Pak Yong Ho
Phone number: 048-487-8731
FAX number: 048-487-8732