Maywa Denki Akihabara store finally open!


Maywa Denki's first real store "Maywa Denki Akihabara" will open on the 30th of this month. The place is "radio department store" 1 minute walk from Akihabara Station. At the same time, the first-time exhibitors of the rental space “Radio Super”, which is open at the same time, are clearly visible!

On March 30, 2019, on the second floor of the radio department store, a long-established electric parts sales building in Akihabara, Tokyo, Maywa Denki's first official shop, Meiwa Denki Akihabara Store, will be opened.

On the theme of "from art to mass product", Meiwa Electric has everything from art such as nonsense machines that can only be obtained here to products such as the hit product Otamatone. It is a small but small shop full of nonsense products.

In addition, next to the "Maywa Denki Akihabara Store", we will open a rental space "Radio Super" produced by Meiwa Denki. The word "radio" is reinterpreted as "radical (radical and radical) objects", and creators who create unique products using the mechanism of electricity and machinery will open stores.

Radio gallery
Radio gallery

The "Pachimoku & Koi Beat Exhibition" will be held at the "radio gallery" attached to the Meiwa Electric Akihabara Store. Two instruments were developed in the year of the starting point of Meiwa Electric in 1993, the musical instrument "Pachimoku" that sounds woodfish with finger patch and the sequencer "Koi Beat" of the old-fashioned National switch, making Meiwa Electric's style a society I made a deep impression. We will go into the history and structure of these two instruments.

Please expect in three spaces of "Maywa Denki Akihabara Store" "Radio Super" "Radio Gallery".

■ Store information ■
Name: "Maywa Denki Akihabara Store" "Radio Super" "Radio Gallery"
Place: Tokyo Radio Department Store, 2nd floor (1-10-1 Kokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0021)
Opening hours: 10:00 to 19:00 Closed on Tuesdays

■ Open event ■
March 30 (Sat), 31 (Sun), 2019
Opening commemorative Maywa Denki logo towel with a limited number of first-come!

"Autograph session"
Time: 13:00 / 15:00 / 17:00
This is a autograph session by the president of the company Meiwa. ※ It is limited to the product purchase.

■ Maywa Electric Profile ■

Meiwa Electric
Meiwa Electric

An art unit produced by Nobuto Tosa. Developing various nonsense machines in the style of small and medium-sized enterprises that supported high economic growth in Japan, including wearing blue work clothes and calling works as "products" and live as "product demonstrations," Not only widely announced overseas.
We will also develop products such as electronic musical instrument "Otamatone" in the form of musical notes. In January 2016, he succeeded in a large-scale exhibition at McaM, a museum in Shanghai, China. In 2018, the 25th anniversary of his debut, he held a solo exhibition in Oita, Nagasaki. March 30, 2019 "Maywa Denki Akihabara store" is opened.

■ First radio supermarket storekeepers ■ (Ai-Woo order title abbreviation omitted)

Ito Naomi / Izumi Kanae / Uda Michinobu (UDAR) / Okamoto Lab / Gal Den / Cube / Kinmirai Gacki / Contemporary Art Nitohei / Switch Science / Takaha Kiko Co., Ltd. / Takara Tomy Arts / Daily Portal Z / Toshi Masamichi ( Meiwa Denki Chairman / Human / Co., Ltd. / Byeworld / Hana Dodo / Bird E. / Pantograph / Mari Fujiwara / Mata Tabitya / Meteo Electronics / Gottfried Haider / Line-us / necobit / Qux / takewari Co., Ltd. (Obake puzzle) / TASKO Co., Ltd. / ThousanDIY
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=== Note on opening ===
Crowding is expected on the opening day. The radio department store is so narrow that it would be nice if you could follow the guidance of the induction staff.