Start in Akihabara “chabara” special sales “Shiga hometown discount’

~ Delicious specialties of Shiga Prefecture’s 3 percent off the regular price! ~ Start in Akihabara “chabara” special sales “Shiga hometown discount’ < For a limited time (until february next year), omi beef, “mizukagami” and about 70 items for > Shiga hometown discount, you can buy in the Shiga Prefecture you know Shiga food and its appeal to many in regular, 30% off special sales 2/2016 the end, are deployed in Akihabara “chabara” “Japan department store restaurant operator” of conduct in Shiga, Japan corners. “MUSUBU SHIGA’s food” special sales takes place as part of the activities in the project will target about 70 items in Akihabara “chabara”. Major products from […]



「アニマックスCAFE」は「赤髪の白雪姫」と期間限定のコラボレーションを展開いたします。   「アニマックスCAFE」東京・秋葉原店と大阪・日本橋店で同時開催し、 特別展示のほか、 作品やキャラクターをイメージしたコラボフード&ドリンクも盛りだくさん! ご注文いただいた方には、 限定オリジナル・コースターが付いてきます。 なんと、 秋葉原店と日本橋店の各店舗限定のシークレットコースターもございます! あきづき先生の原画展示や、 店内パフォーマンスでの「赤髪の白雪姫」生アフレコの実施、 描き下しイラストを使用したカフェ考案の缶バッジ・缶ストラップ等のグッズ販売もありますので、 「アニマックスCAFE」のクラリネス王国にぜひ遊びに行ってみてください!! 会場:アニマックスCAFE秋葉原店・大阪日本橋店 【秋葉原店】 〒101-0021 東京都千代田区外神田3-7-12 お問合せ先:03-5289-8088 【大阪日本橋店】 〒556-0005 大阪府大阪市浪速区日本橋4丁目14−1 池田ビル 2F お問合せ先:06-6630-7527 公式サイト: ※コースターおよびランチョンマットの種類はお選びいただけません。 ※メニュー、 コースター、 各種グッズはなくなり次第終了となりますので、 予めご了承ください。


Taste local delicacies around the country in Akihabara “Dining room b-1 Grand Prix” event information! Weekend in late January 2 weeks continuous at Kyushu Nicki minaj!

Operated by urban development in the East Japan (Head Office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: exit, Yoshimi) Jr co., Ltd. ‘ b-1 Grand Prix dining room AKI-OKA CARAVANE “in is the selection of Kyushu limited Kyushu fairs will be held. “B-1 Grand Prix diner” serving local delicacies around the country on akiha Hara electric town mouth 3 min walk downtown As an affordable gourmet spot exposed to numerous media, has created a stir. 1/22 (Friday)-1/24 (Sunday), 1/29 (Friday) ~1/31 (Sunday) and two weeks held a special event entitled “Kyushu Nicki minaj” in a row, a Kyushu specialty collection. Kumamoto country fire also was Tei strains most hang frames   This father of […]


Latest concert of game music orchestra JAGMO Rhapsody on a legend 3/5/2016 and 6, to be held! Classics such as FF, holy sword legend, KH, Chrono Rebtel!

Game Music Orchestra “JAGMO” will be held, 3/5/2016 (Saturday), 6, (Sunday) to become the 4th full orchestral performances, “Rhapsody legend – The Legendary Rhapsody -‘. Programs such as combining the two flitted in performances of Bravo last 10/2015 FINAL FANTASY series, “Donald fight” and “battle and golbez golbeza Devas” series of this concert Rhapsody on the legend is not so far…. In addition, from the holy sword legend series was ranked in the third place game title you want playing JAGMO in customer surveys of the performance 10/2015 of legendary Music Festival – feast of the brave – “holy sword legend LEGEND OF MANA” first played on. Purchase tickets and […]


“Aki-Fes” (Akihabara Festival) 2015 Autumn Date: Sunday, October 25 – Sunday, November 1, 2015

“Aki-Fes” (Akihabara Festival) 2015 Autumn Date: Sunday, October 25 – Sunday, November 1, 2015 “Aki-Fes” 2015 Autumn will be held in Akihabara area, Tokyo for eight days starting from Sunday, October 25 to Sunday, November 1 by Akihabara Festival Executive Committee (*1). This festival aims to attract tourists from home and overseas to Akihabara, let them spend time there and revitalize the area. Events on a stage and lottery will be held in BelleSalle Akihabara this time. For foreign visitors, a Free Wi-Fi card will be handed out, and the expansion of tax-free coverage which started last year will be publicized. “Halloween party 2015 in Akihabara,” “Kochi vs Tottori Manga […]