“Blue Lock x Atre Akihabara” collaboration campaign will be held from February 1st (Tuesday)! !!


Blue Rock and Atre Akihabara will hold a collaboration event! !!

Blue Rock characters will welcome you during the period from February 1st (Tuesday) to February 14th (Monday)! !!

[Point 1] Character jack inside and outside the building

Date: February 1st (Tuesday) -February 14th (Monday), 2022
During the period, characters from "Blue Lock" will appear in wall wrapping!

[Point 2] Original privilege gift when shopping

Date: February 1st (Tuesday) -February 14th (Monday), 2022
During the period, you will receive an Atre Akihabara original card at random for every 500 yen (tax included) purchased at the target shops of Atre 1 / Atre 2! To commemorate the collaboration, the uniforms of the Blue Lock characters will be the Atre logo color!
Please tell us [Please give us the original benefits] at the time of payment! There are 15 types of cards you can get!

* Since it will be randomly distributed, you cannot choose the type.
* The number of original cards is limited. Please note that it may be out of stock.
* Atre 1 / Atre 2 target stores will be provided with a marker panel in front of the cash register.
* Some shops are not eligible (Blue Lock pop-up store is not eligible for distribution).
* Purchase of cash vouchers, postal tickets, etc., charge to IC cards, etc., payment of utility charges are not applicable.

[Point 3] Pop-up store held for a limited time

Shop name: "Blue Rock" x Atre Akihabara POP UP SHOP ~ Who is No.1? ~
Date: February 1st (Tuesday) -February 14th (Monday), 2022
Venue: Atre 1 / 2F Event Space
* February 14th (Monday) 2nd floor event space will be open from 10:00 to 20:00

We have various "Blue Lock" goods! !!
Please check it out at the venue, such as exhibiting duplicate original drawings and holding gift campaigns!
* The number of products is limited. Please note that it may be out of stock.
* Numbered tickets will be distributed when it is crowded.
© Muneyuki Kaneshiro / Yusuke Nomura / Kodansha

"Blue Lock"
2018 World Cup. The Japanese national team was miserably scattered. This tournament also stopped at the best 16 … A strong man in Asia? Is organizational power world-class? I'm tired of hearing that! The challenge is the absence of an absolute "ace striker". The Japan Football League will convene 300 youth players to create an innovative "one person" who is hungry for goals, thirsty for victory, and transforms the game in order to win the long-cherished "World Cup". Can Kiyoichi, a second-year high school student who is still unknown, kick off 299 people with his ego and run up the path of the strongest ace striker !? All the characters are "I-sama"! The most crazy egoist forward FW soccer manga in history, opening here !!